You Only Live Twice Lyrics Drake – Certified Lover Boy

You Only Live Twice Lyrics Drake sung by Drake from the album Certified Lover Boy represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is You Only Live Twice by Drake.

You Only Live Twice Lyrics Drake


[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
No, I’m never gangbangin’ in my blue Chucks
Money callin’ so I threw the deuce up
Yeah, they plottin’ on me but they gotta do somethin’
Told my dawg two-some just to shoot somethin’ (M-M—)
Left them niggas stressed out on the train tracks
Rather you than me, here come that payback
Got ’em lookin’ for that paper that they can’t tax
[?] so clean, I told ’em call it, “Ajax”
[?] celebrated when Fidel died
Patti LaBelle, who knew that we would sell pies?
Standin’ on your own is when you realize
When all the lights go out, that’s when you see the real guys
Back to the real niggas glowin’ in the dark
Never perfect but you know a n^^^^ hard (M-M—)
A rich n^^^^ that’ll pull up to the park
Get on one knee and tell the kids that they all stars
Bullet wounds don’t be covered by ObamaCare
Your funeral was way too soon, that’s if your mama there
Real niggas deserve to live twice (M-M—)
Plastic fork and some fried rice

[Verse 2: Drake]
Yeah, two-point two for the Rafael Nadal
Don’t act like you’re happy for me now
Don’t act like you wasn’t prayin’ for catastrophic collapses
Catalogs and [?]
Still runnin’ the game, don’t ask me about the practice
Ho, you go on vacation, don’t ask me about relaxin’
Not sure if you know but I’m actually Michael Jackson
The man I see in the mirror is actually goin’ platinum
Unthinkable when I think of the way these niggas been actin’
Yeah, I never did you nothin’ and you play like we family, huh?
Next thing, you wanna shoot me down, it can’t be love
Not sure where you was tryna send it, it can’t be up
That day you soundin’ like a b^^^^, you fancy, huh?
D^^^, how can I forgive like this?
I gotta dead a lot of s^^^ just to live like this
I had to f^^^ a lot of girls to get a kid like this
I had to get a lot of cribs to get a crib like this, n^^^^
That’s why I’m movin’ all elusive
These boys on their last resort and it’s givin’ all us inclusive
Been spazzin’ since CB was chunkin’ up the deuces, n^^^^
Your s^^^ was boo-boo, excuses, excuses, n^^^^

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Brrt, mans beat the p^^^^ niggas
I just call it like I see it, I ain’t even lookin’, n^^^^
I just walk it like I speak it and I ain’t speakin’ to them niggas
I ain’t starvin’, I’m just greedy, all I eat is p^^^^, n^^^^
Don’t wan’ see these p^^^^ niggas
Y’all can’t see me, p^^^^ niggas
You keep talkin’ like you eatin’, I’ma feed you bullets, n^^^^
I might even cook a n^^^^, all my weed is cookies, n^^^^
Shove an 8-ball up her p^^^^ like a fetus for me, n^^^^
I got b^^^^es doin’ lines, I’ma Adidas to ’em, n^^^^
I got sentenced, took some time and it was easier than simple
I’m so difficult to fathom like a fever in the winter
I got women in the Phantom with they cleavage out the window
Long hair, lot of tats and I smell like the pack
Money trail right on track
With that big body Maybach like it’s a little Pontiac
All my chains look like snakes, that’s some real diamondbacks
Pull my hammer out her p^^^^, pull her nails out my back
I don’t chill, I react
On the scale, my pockets fat
And to this whale, you like an ant
I’ma dog, if you a dog, then pull your tail up out your a^^
And on this Codeine, I’m a turtle, it done shellshocked my a^^
I’m the hottest on the cellblock, I promise
I can fly to check my mailbox, invoices soundin’ like Jill Scott
Pill popped, house and it ain’t heels on the hilltops
Her ears popped, she lick my lolipop and my teardrops too

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