When It Comes to a Snack Pack I Cant Lie I Wanna Ride Lyrics

When It Comes to a Snack Pack I Cant Lie I Wanna Ride Lyrics sung by Sir Mix-A-Lot represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Ride by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

When It Comes to a Snack Pack I Cant Lie I Wanna Ride Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Shake, to, my flow
Let it go when you shake that coco
I got game, so whatcha know
Get it up, gonna hit her with the Rambo
Oo-chie, coo-chie
Still lookin for the supa b^^ty
Rump, chaser, rump snatcha
Huh, get ’em on camera
Call me a jockey
Cause I’m ridin’ them skirts and I talk real cocky
Ol’ mackin’-a^^ Mix is back
I’m slangin’ that game on 28 tracks
Yep yep, pack ’em in a Benz
Take ’em to my house, straight let ’em all in
Call Mix-a-Lot a s^^t?
I might get banned, but I still like butts
Mmmmm! lay ’em on the table
Dr. Richard’s willing and able
Not sexist, just s^^y
Do I like sistas? Well, let’s see
She’s thick, walking with a switch
Carryin’ a beeper, ya better not call her no b^^ch
When it comes to a snack-pack I can’t lie
I wanna ride!

Can I ride?
I wanna ride! (2x)

[Verse 2]
Shake ’em up like you’re playin them craps
Two snake eyes puttin fellas on tap
What I’m sayin ain’t popular nowadays
But it ain’t good without the mayonnaise
I, can-not dance
But I’m good when ya hit that stance
Wham, bam, met a girl named Pam
I poke and thank you ma’am
Ain’t no, drag in my bag
Gotta do me cause I don’t play tag
Six-double-o hoop, costs loot
Hit the gas she’ll scoot
When ya dance, I’m on ya
When ya walk, I’m on ya
When ya moan, I’m on ya
I’m that nasty dog and I tried to warn ya
To the ‘tel, to the ‘tel we go
Don’t need a bed cause I’m good on the floor
When a chocolate masterpiece walks by
I wanna ride!

[Hook 2]
Can I ride, baby?
I wanna ride!

[Verse 3]
I’m like Tyrannosaurus Rex
I sense movement then I gotta wreck shop
I’m on top but down to flip-flop
scratching “Don’t stop”
So, I, won’t stop
Love to see that thang go pop
Don’t be, phony, baby show me
I can ride yo’ pony
Saddle up n’ go, you can show Bo
He don’t know
You, can, put it on a man
Make me yo number one fan
Some brothers wanna claim they’re down
Puttin on fronts like clowns
But I’m packin this 9 in my glove
Givin nothin but the females love, yeah!
Ain’t no sissy in me
4-4 mags ain’t never been friendly
But I like the girls
Cake boys get scared in the kitty-cat world
But I’m not the one to come cake
Baby this game is straight
Fellas in the house, you can’t deny!
All y’all wants to ride!

I wanna ride! x3

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