When I Was 11 I Turned 13 Cause I Dont F With 12 Lyrics

When I Was 11 I Turned 13 Cause I Dont F With 12 Lyrics sung by Jaah SLT represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Tuff by Jaah SLT.

When I Was 11 I Turned 13 Cause I Dont F With 12 Lyrics

Yo I’m Johnny Tsunami
I’m a cool guy
I got kunais
K^^lin’ bad guys, got a small co^^ and some large fries
Eatin apple pie. Boy I’m might guy
Goin’ 8 gates and I’m gonna die. No lie
Too fly
In the sky
Jumpin’ on shy guys
Bars too dirty imma needa sanitize

Whole squad make a rap franchise
Zangief on ‘em like snake eyes
Maple leaf on ‘em, he a french guy
Spitting facts like a smart guy

Eating fish filet and he dont play
He loves naruto
And hates sasuke

He loves naruto
And hates sasuke

Running 8k everyday
Makin’ 8k everyday
Bought an AK while he at cake
With Aly, AJ, Mary Kate, and Ashley

Steady aim with the AK
Try to run up on gang and you will get sprayed i get paid
Slicin’ up ra^^ers I’m in the top lane
Eating gum gum fruit, street fighter 2
On my fang sh^t I’m fantastic
On my gang sh^t I’m fantastic
Switchin lanes sh^t I’m fantastic
Holy moly put this sh^t on datpiff

Big max and here’s the big strap
Punchout game too swift I’m little mac
Ronald Mcdonald a freak don’t eat big macs
10 piece McNuggets made this on my big mac

Slice a choppa in half like life
Dunkin on [redacted]’s just like mike
Super Monkey Ball 2, Ai-Ai
Country Club Records til i die (Super f^^king Mario)

Steady aim better run
I’m shootin you like Spielberg, Ready Player One
But you player 2
Gettin’ shocked like Pikachu
And I’m on the move
Goin’ ghost like King Boo

Stackin bread on the shelves
Like DJ Khaled ain’t playin myself
When I was 11 I turned 13 cuz you know d^^n well I don’t f^^k with 12

On adventures like Tintin and Finn
I’m flexin in a Benz gonna take it for a spin
It’s got the suicide doors, Harley Quinn
I’m in 2047 man, where yall been?

Tryna bask in that mario sun
Shine bright like Moonlight ain’t no Oscar snub
So all you girls just wanna have fun?
Well the gangs takin’ over the Country Club

Playing Poptropica in Tropica
With a can ‘a Tropicana
With Nick Cannon and I’m still poppin off like a cannon
Don’t panic, white girl call her Shannon
Take a pic with the Canon, all black like I’m Ganon

Splash splash, H^^slehoff
Young Aesop
Makin fables
Breakin tables
Watchin cable
Clothes pop like I’m mable

My bars leave an ashy ni^^a stunned like its Pompei
Only black guy in the club drinkin Palm Bay
Kev on the beat make it pop like a saute
Reinvent the game cause I’m the rap sensei
Everyday is payday
Eating gourmet sorbet
In the white house with Cory
Got a white friend named Jasper
And he really likes Thrasher
So white he’s like Casper
Then he takes me for a ride in his big green Tractor

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