What’s The Worst Thing A Teacher Ever Said To You Lyrics

What’s The Worst Thing A Teacher Ever Said To You Lyrics represents the Tiktok Music Ensemble. The trending lines of this tune are What is the Worst thing a teacher has ever said to you?

What’s The Worst Thing A Teacher Ever Said To You Lyrics

I have a question hopefully you guys do
At it what is the
Worst thing a teacher has ever said to
You i’ll start when i was in junior high
School teacher once told me that i’m
Gonna spend the rest of my life in jail
Because i behaved bad in junior high
Later on down the line not in jail they
Spend no time in jail
Pretty good job what has a teacher ever
Told you

Tic tac what is the worst thing that a
History teacher has ever said or done to
I’ll start so when i was in seventh
Grade i got diagnosed with a
Non-cancerous brain tumor and a few
Weeks after my diagnosis
I walked into class one day with this
Teacher who doesn’t really like anyone
That much
And i was wearing this shirt with a
Little design a funky little spunky
Little design of an owl
On it and she turned to me and she said
I like your shirt
And i said wow thank you she said
You know i used to have a student who
Loved owls
Just like you and then
She got brain cancer and i said boom
Boom what
What we’re telling ghost stories now
Lisa explain yourself what was that
What was that oh god

So i’ve seen some tick-tock videos on
Worst things teachers have ever said to
I had an english teacher in high school
Who would get frustrated with me
And so and one particular incident i
Must have said something that kind of
Struck a nerve
And she looked at me all frustrated and
Said marcus she goes
Once you go hang yourself and i look
Back and i said
Sure why did you give me some rope at
That point she got
Really quiet and i think it kind of hit
To you know as to what she said and uh
For the rest of the year she didn’t

Really say anything else to me
What’s the worst thing a teacher’s ever
Said to you when i was in uni i had to
Stop my internship for mental health
Reason and my director at the time
Didn’t really believe me and he said i
Had to stop hiding behind mental health
And a few years later i was diagnosed
With bipolar so looks like i was right

What’s the worst thing a teacher has
Ever said to you i’ll go first
So this isn’t actually music related but
Back in my first term of university
One of the physics teachers told us that
If we couldn’t answer a question on a
Problem set we should pretend someone
Was holding a gun to our head
He also sat us down right at the
Beginning of term and told us that we
Weren’t allowed to do sports or any
Extracurricular activities because they
Would interfere with our studies too

To anyone that has a disability or
Disorder what’s the worst thing a
Teacher’s ever said about it
I have apd which means my hearing is a
Little screwed up so when i went to get
Accommodations for my foreign language
Class my teacher just said
I don’t think you have a disorder i
Think you just get nervous for tests
You don’t need accommodations as if she
Was the person diagnosing me
As if she was my doctor in honor of the
Day of disability what’s the crapiest
Thing a teacher has ever
Uh said to you about your accommodations
I’ll start
I was in high school and i um had an
Accommodation that said i could always
Use a laptop because my hands do not
Work properly i cannot paper pencil
Right for long periods of time
My teacher decided for no goddang reason
That this was an
Unfair advantage to the other students
So i was not allowed to use my laptop in
Her class
I was young i didn’t know this was
Illegal so i
Just tried my hardest to paper pencil
Write in her class
And my hands would stop working in the
Middle of class so i couldn’t turn in my
My mom later found out about this and
Threatened to sue the school
I ended up having to take an online
Class to make up the
Failed grade and the school said that if
I’d failed it then it would prove that i
Didn’t know what i was doing
I um passed the class in like
Four weeks because it turns out if you
Make me take a class on a laptop
I can do it okay so
What is the worst thing that a teacher
Has ever told you
No matter the grade elementary school
Middle school high school college

The worst thing a teacher has ever told
I’ll go first it was my fifth grade
Yes fifth grade science teacher and i
Was 10 years old
And she told me that the only thing that
I was ever going to be good enough to do
Was flip burgers
And uh don’t take this the wrong way i’m
Not knocking anybody that has to flip
Burgers to feed their family if that’s
What you got to do then fine at least
Your family’s being fed
But to you miss so and so that we’ll
Keep anonymous
I have never in my life had to flip a
Burger to feed my family
So the only burger i’ve flipped has been
While cooking supper for my family
If we had burgers or whatever but no
I’ve never had to flip a burger to feed
My family so have a nice day miss
Stitch this what is the most ridiculous
Thing a professor has said to you
I’ll go first before kase i was really
Trying hard to
Develop my public speaking and my
Writing skills
So three words
Vocabulary words per day tapos
My incoming homework or essay now we
Needed to write and so parang
And then i use i think i use the word
Milieu by then
On paper don’t use words that you don’t
How am i supposed to learn
Okay i want to know what the dumbest
Thing that a teacher has ever said to
You is
I’ll go first um in elementary school i
Had a teacher tell me that
With the way that i write my twos i will
Fail in life so i’m going to show you
How i write my twos
Haven’t failed yet what’s something a
Teacher has said to you that you will
Never forget
Okay so this one time in seventh grade i
Was walking back
From the pe field to the pe locker room
So basically i lifted my shirt up
Halfway to wipe the sweat off my
Forehead right
This goddang pe teacher what’s her name
Miss benigno
Why don’t you go [ _ ] yourself she looks At me and she goes Nobody wants to see your muffin top Sweetheart First of all baby i think you got the Wrong person why don’t you go look in The mirror Like shut the [ _ ] up why don’t you give
Some other [ _ ] body dysmorphia or Better yet just shut the [ _ ]
Up did you ever consider that anyways so
This is why i encourage everyone
To think is it true is it helpful
Is it inspiring is it necessary is it


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