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Whats Poppin Remix Lyrics sung by Biddl3 represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is What’s Poppin’ (Remix) by Biddl3.

Whats Poppin Remix Lyrics

What’s Poppin’

Don’t mind me just watchin’
Heard yo verse, lemme top it
Pick a flow, any flow, I mop it
I ball, tryna’ make high profits
I ball, that’s no eye socket
I saw what I wanted, I copped it
Lysol if the shit get toxic
I thought that I should switch topics
I lost the train of my conscious
IPhone is in my right pocket
Try callin’ and I might block it
‘Cause I gotta hustle
Stackin’ my chips like I’m baggin’ at Ruffles
Niggas is married, we not just a couple
Now I got a family, we not finna struggle
What I be doin’ I do for the Mrs
I finish this song and I’m back on my business
It’s 3 in the morning, I’m building my hitlist
I’m up until Dawn like I’m doin’ the dishes

Hold up, wait (Hold up, wait)

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