We Coming For You Tiktok Lyrics

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We Coming For You Tiktok Lyrics represents the Tiktok Music Ensemble. The name of the song is We Coming For You.

We Coming For You Tiktok Lyrics

Call up ya mans now
we coming for you
we coming for you
bo bo bo bo
we coming for you
baa baa baa baa baa
baa baa baa baa baa


Heard his demons with em
When we hop out the V
we gone really get em
All these bi^^hes on d^^k
they ain’t getting up
took some time off,
had to switch it up
you cant getting like me
You ain’t payed enough
Stop the chatting bi^^h just give it up
Know a couple shooters that
gone run it up
shoot you for the money
Now ya life is up
you ain’t speaking to me
if ya gun ain’t tucked
If I get on my bully,
Ima set you up
Know a couple bullies that gone
mess you up

Droppin bodies on the floor
they ain’t getting up
bodies on bodies on my d^^k
they ain’t getting up
Move with my bi^^h
and we moving in clutch
Speak on my name
My bi^^hes gone flame ya up
Speak on the gang
my shooters gone shoot you up

Shooter slide through you gone see what it do
Couple of bullets they coming two, call up the gang and they shaking the room,
these bullets hit quick, too hot, boom
Keeping my cool, just run me ya shoes
Sipping the Henny don’t know what to do

got the blick in the bag, l might just pick n choose
caught me body now I’m rolling with goons, caught up ya thotty she was f^^king on zoom, caught up ya mommy she was f^^king for food, bought me a bottle ain’t mixing with juice

Ain’t mixing with you, Just run me ya goose
These bi^^hes be chatting, these bi^^hes on mute, I settle the score then I make up the rules, bi^^h you my son bi^^h you boutta be schooled
call up ya mans now we coming for you

got the runtz in the pack just copped me a new
that’s a opp air yea we smoking you
You smoking on who?
That’s a opp in the air yea we smoking on you

Yea , you shake in ya boots
Sh^t hilarious
With a couple demons
where we moving we delirious
Mask off
Sh^t is getting real dangerous
Mask On
Sh^t is getting contagious
Always knew I was meant for the greatness
Haters stay watching
But they ain’t gone say Sh^t
you in the mix then you better not say Sh^t
my shooters is sanction
you better not say Sh^t
bi^^hes is ratting, and baiting
pick up the grip yea you know I ain’t playin
send out my dogs, sniff out where you staying
bi^^hes is Bacon,
Me and my bi^^hes be baking
bi^^hes is muffins
bi^^hes be bluffing
bi^^hes be thottin and f^^king
Been chasing the bag,
you know the Sh^ts nothing
Moving in caution, Blick in the purse
Speak on it you bound to get murked
Call the demons up they gone put you in the dirt
Left ya body and homies on ya hurt

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