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Wasted All Night Lyrics sung by Cold War Kids represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Wasted All Night by Cold War Kids.

Wasted All Night Lyrics

I’m watching from the barstool
Studying humans
It’s the same old story
Of how wrong became ruins
No, we haven’t come too far
With silver [?]
We want so badly
To make the connection
But we are frightened and embarrassing
We are painfully shy
We wanna cut the tension
Yeah, we gotta break the ice

So we pound our fears
And we yell declarations
A little drop of poison
Like an instant vacation

Yeah, we’ll be gone, gone, gone
Wasted all night
It’s been so long, long, long
Wastеd all night

Oh, the drama of courtship
The rituals of flirtation
Thesе wonderful performances
A pure entertainment
Yeah, we are travel, we are primitive
We are more than our jobs
Tonight we are royalty
Tonight we are gods
When our bodies are swaying
And the music is pumping
I see your lips moving
But I can’t hear nothing

Now the whole world’s in unison
Adrenaline runs high
We were chosen for this moment
We are reaching for the sky

Yeah, we’ll be gone, gone, gone
Wasted all night
You’ve got to know the darkness
Before you see the light
Yeah, we’ll be gone, gone, gone
Wasted all night
Who cares about tomorrow
I’ll see you on the other side

Hey hey hey hey, yeah
Oh, we’re wasted all night
Hey hey hey hey, yeah
Wasted all night

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