Victoria’s Secret Lyrics – Jax

Victoria’s Secret Lyrics sung by Jax represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Victoria’s Secret by Jax.

Victoria’s Secret Lyrics

God I Wish Somebody Whould Have Told Me
When I Was Younger That All Bodies Aren’t the Same
Photoshop Itty Bitty Models on Magazine Covers
Told Me I Was Overweight

I Stopped Eating What a Bummer
Can’t Have Carbs and Hot Girl Summer
If I Could Go Back and Tell Myself
When I Was Younger I’d Say

I Know Victoria’s Secret
And Girl You Wouldn’t Believe
She’s an Old Man Who Lives in Ohio
Making Money Off Girls Like Me
Cashing in on Body Issues
Selling Skin and Bones With Big B^^bs
I Know Victoria’s Secret
She Was Made Up by a Dude
Victoria Was Made Up by a Dude
Victoria Was Made Up by a Dude

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