Toy Story Lyrics – Token

Toy Story Lyrics sung by Token represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Toy Story by Token.

Toy Story Lyrics

B!tch, if you ain’t wanna spend all that time in the club
I’d let you be mine still
Work like that, but I never turn my back
Girl like that, put her on a worldwide map
First night back I be giving her a white flash
Curl that back like she do to her eyelash
Tellin’ me about her great thigh gap
Lay right back, blow until your face lilac
Take my cash, you can even take my pad
Take my track, all I need is eight hi-hats
One, two, tree, four, five, six, seven, eight
I don’t wanna celebrate until I get a better way
I’m pullin’ up to any bank with a couplе of Escalades

[?] like it,’s therapy timе
All of a sudden we brothers like they got father in a cemetery with mine
And everybody waitin’ for the moment that’s gettin’ to my head
But the only thing that’s gettin’ to my head is [?] when I rime
[?] ahead of his time
I stay patient but I’m ready inside
I’m pullin’ up truck after truck, after truck
After truck, after truck, after truck
It looks like [?] station when I rime

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