Toxic YG Lyrics – Tikok Song

Toxic YG Lyrics sung by YG represents the TikTok Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Toxic by YG.

Toxic YG Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yeah, don’t post me on no Insta, gotta keep me tough
Treat her like a Queen of France, think I’m mean as f^^k
And when it come to pain, she run a maze
Couldn’t break her heart, you gotta break her bed, ayy
Kill that p^^sy, hurt, she dead, butt n^^ed in bed, is what she said

All I really want (Yeah)
Is to be happy (Oh, yeah)
And to find a love that’s mine (Ah, ah, ah)
It would be so sweet (Hey)
All I really want (Oh)
Is to be happy (I wanna be happy, yeah)
And to find a love that’s mine (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
It would be so sweet

[Verse 2]
Do you lovе her? Yeah, I really lovе her
She met my mother, cool with my brother
We be doing our thang, no Danny Glover
Like, f^^k about that had 2 baby mothers
Before you get dressed up I hit it on the dresser
I’m out here giving love, pain and pleasure
Less is more, I’ll never stress her
Tell her she a bad b^^ch, not lesser
But she confused, she want titles and I tell her “Nah”
She confused us together is what she saw
She confused ’cause I love her so and so she thought

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