Thick Light Skin From La Song Lyrics

Thick Light Skin From La Song Lyrics sung by Sweetladychallenge represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Lewy BlueStrips by Sweetladychallenge.

Thick Light Skin From La Song Lyrics

Ya ya

Like 03

You know I like them dark skin like shay shay
But light skin be my favorite
Want to hear my confessions
Say yaaaa
Baby I’ma let you know wassup
I just really want to f^^k
Gave it up baby can’t get enough
Feel a rush when I’m bussing a nut
Me & yo bi^^h between the sheets I can bang that
Have her running from the d^^k she can’t take that
Lamp cover round the waist take the sk^rt off
On my mom I just napped had to skrt off

Temp rising she climbing
So wet & so tight when I slide in
She whimper she wining
Hands round her throat I get violent
Not abusive No controlling
It’s hot outside but it’s snowing
White girl can I rock yo world
Chocolate & vanilla swirl
Thick light skin from LA
& she got a little belly
One day I’ma marry Damonni
f^^k a gym I love yo body
My body want yo body

Kehlani she tsunami
I pullup in that mazzy
All white I’m feeling godly
& I know I ain’t right
All these women in my life
I ain’t got to think twice
Now I’m upping the price
Why… You
Got so much to say about my life
Love yours I love mine
& I did this song for the hype
They ain’t coming like me
Can’t f^^k her like me

Make a movie spike lee
Look yolked in a thin white T
Light brown skin like Beyoncé
Mexican like Monsé
Want to hear my confessions
Say Yaaaa
I done grew up grew up grew up
Am I a screw up screw up screw up
You finna do what do what do what
Ni^^a I’ma pullup pullup pullup
Chris brown how I take her down
Love sounds baby we go roundz
Look in her eyes snatch her soul

Use to want you so bad now I don’t
Did her wrong cause how she lie
Ni^^as ain’t sh^t bi^^hes ain’t right
Think I’m the sh^t bi^^hes be flies
So dope it’s a natural high
Ain’t girl my girlfriend I’m not ya boyfriend
No cuffing We just enjoying
Not cocky I am flamboyant
Come cruise take you on a voyage
Don’t be scared of the dark
Be my light you a star

Why you acting so hard
Baby let down yo guard
I’ll secure you keep me near you
Soul crying for help I can hear you
Independent don’t fear you
Ou I love it got career too

Shout out all my lovely tenderonies

I just wanna say
Sweet lady Would you be mineee

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