They Like the Way I Grind They Like the Way I Flirt Lyrics

They Like the Way I Grind They Like the Way I Flirt Lyrics sung by Belladonna ft. Ayesha Erotica represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Chun Li Remix by Belladonna.

They Like the Way I Grind They Like the Way I Flirt Lyrics

[Hook: Belladonna]
I don’t think they’re ready (Let’s go)
It’s Belladonna, and Ayesha Erotica, what what what
These b^^ches ain’t ready, they ain’t ready

[Verse 1: Belladonna]
Dressed in red and black, but I beat it black and blue
We just looking f^^king busted from my head down to a shoes
B^^ches just always envy me, I don’t never envy you
I can never f^^k with me, b^^ch you motherf^^king do
I’m the mothaf^^king s^^t, like some mothaf^^king poo
B^^ch, don’t f^^king mess with me, I’mma f^^kin’ mess with you
B^^ch you lookin’ f^^king wet, b^^ch you lookin’ like a fool
I’mma mothaf^^king box, you a cow, b^^ch, moo
B^^ch moo, b^^ch moo, like we at the f^^king zoo
Look at me, then look at you, looking like boo boo the fool
Girl, fix your f^^king face, know your place and hide your lace
B^^ch, this ain’t the time or place
B^^ch, I spray you with some mace, yeah

[Hook: Belladonna and Ayesha Erotica]
Oh, b^^ch, you silly b^^ch
What the f^^k are you doing?
It’s Belladonna, and Ayesha (Hi, baby)
You better give it to ’em, girl, I don’t think they’re ready

[Verse 2: Ayesha Erotica]
I’m walking s^^, pedal to the metal with the disco tech
I’ll be grinding up the diamond OG
Now light up the joint, I’m tryna OD
Like, “ooh, that’s that s^^t I like”
Kinda bugging off the mid b^^ch, you alright?
Now why y’all worried ’bout the f^^k I do?
I’mma let y’all know when the f^^k I’m through, like (B^^ch)
They like the way I grind, they like the way I flirt
They like the way my noonie is peaking out my skirt
You’re never gonna do it like us, work the hips then shake the bust
And Jesus is always with me, even when my boyfriend gives me hickeys, like
“Oh my God, this b^^ch is crazy, what the f^^k’s she’s saying Stacy?”
Never mind me, b^^ch, I’m getting on
Cutting up coked out horny songs, like (Uh)
You b^^ches need bass to bump
Come and look me in the eyes, baby, face the funk
Pull up in the O2, hard top, a^^ up
Belladonna, this s^^t beats hard as hell, sis

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