Them Summer Nights Can Even Turn Cold Lyrics

Them Summer Nights Can Even Turn Cold Lyrics sung by Knxwledge represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Sameolemeek by Knxwledge.

Them Summer Nights Can Even Turn Cold Lyrics

[Verse: Meek Mill]
The summer nights can even turn cold
In the streets of Philly where n^^gas don’t even get to turn old
My heart pumping till it turn gold
You n^^gas stuck in neutral, I’m ridin’ like, “F^^k it, it’s a long road”
S^^t I’m the one, I’m like the lost soul
In the middle of heaven and hell
See n^^ga, only God knows
When your time gon’ come
And your eyes roll straight to the back
Now you seeing all black
That MAC go lean and that nine go crack
This that murder murder music to rewind you back
Put that Ruger all up to you, watch your mind go splat
All over the wall, n^^ga, all over that raw
It’s the same ol’ Meek, still the same OG
Got that crack music, listen, let your brain OD
I be playing low key
Me and one of my n^^gas
Riding through the city, plotting on some of the n^^gas
That be thinking they gon’ get me
I’ma run to you n^^gas
And that’s a couple dead bodies for a couple of n^^gas
G’yeah, monster, sitting like a mobster
Revolver on my lap, barrel full of Black Talons
I l^^k it at your squadron
Roll up, like, “Hold up”
Start spitting while I’m driving
Peel off then roll up, you n^^gas better slow up
Before you b^^g the f^^k out
I aim, let it flame, blow your brains all the f^^k out
All over your shirt, since a youngin’ I was buck wild
All up in the dirt, ma screaming, “Get the f^^k out!”
North where I was raised at, South Philly, I played that
Wherever I’m around I hold it down like a wave cap
Yeah, my n^^gas stay strapped
Blaze and I’ma blaze back
All over that yolk, get your motherf^^kin’ egg cracked
North side of Berks Streeta and Southside of Eight Balla
Posted by the green gate, cops come, we scrape on ’em
N^^gas dropping tapes on ’em
Tryna get us locked down
Snitchin’ to the district
That’s enough to get ya chopped down
That nine parabellum, f^^k around and get a n^^ga momma cerebellum
They ain’t riding, man they tellin’
I be sliding with a seven, all titanium
Big boy sound, jump around when I’m flamin’ him
Me, I play my role, gettin’ hoes like I’m Chamberlain
Same one you kissed, same one that give me cranium
Every time I touch a gun, all I hear is, “Damien”
Tryna pipe me up to rock a n^^ga like-

Start that beat over, playa

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