The Man With The Axe Lyrics Lorde

The Man With The Axe Lyrics Lorde sung by Lorde from the album Solar Power (D2C Exclusive Deluxe) represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is The Man With The Axe by Jack Antonoff & Lorde.

The Man With The Axe Lyrics Lorde

[Verse 1]
If I had to break it down
I’d say it’s the way you love to dance
Movin’ the furniture when my back is turned
The flick of the lights and the world falls away

And your office job and your silver hair
But our shapes in the dark are the reason I’ve stayed
For all these years

[Verse 2]
I thought I was a genius, but now I’m twenty-two
And it’s startin’ to feel like all I know how to do is
Put on a suit and take it away

With my fist full of tunes that it’s painful to play
Fingernail worlds like favorite seashells
They fill up my nights and then they float away

[Verse 3]
I’ve got hundreds of gowns, I’ve got paintings in frames
And a throat that fills with panic every festival day
Dutifully fallin’ apart for the Princess of Norway

But you, with your tall slashes, your infinite t-shirts
I should’ve known when your favorite record was the same as my father’s
You’d take me down

[Verse 4]
I guess I’ll always be this way
Swallowed up by the words, and halfway to space
But there, by the fire, you offered your hand
And as I took it, I loved you, the boy with the plan

You found me clean as a pine
The man with the axe and the look in his eyes
We’ve been through so many hard times
I’m writin’ a love song for you, baby

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