The Flood Lyrics – Slowthai

The Flood Lyrics sung by Slowthai represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is The Flood by Slowthai.

The Flood Lyrics

[Intro: slowthai]
…Before I have chest pains on my scene
Woah, Kenny

[Verse: slowthai]
Spilled drugs on the rug now I’m face on the floor (Floor)
Slidin’ ’round like a slug, I can’t take it no more
Sad boy, all I want is a hug
In the club with your girl gettin’ shoulder rubs
How you wanna die? With a pole or a club? (Uh)
Then I go home, ‘fore I stop at the pub (Haha)
You’re the type to drown, I just float with the flood
Sure, I came from the mud and I’m hungry for blood
Tuggin’ on my d!ck ’cause I’m lovin’ it rough (Lovin’ it)
Did you kill anybody, uh-uh, I just shrugged (Liar)
Well played Mario, we mushrooms like Haribo
I don’t get bigger, I reverted to a tadpole

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