The End Lyrics – Elliot Greer

The End Lyrics sung by Elliot Greer represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is The End by Elliot Greer.

The End Lyrics

I’ve Been Down This Road
Couple Times Before
Had My A^^ Handed to Me
But I’m Back for More

Bruised and Underfed
Sick in the Head
Living Off Every D^^n Word
She’s Ever Said

Now I’m Swerving Down the Interstate
Trying Hard to Lose All My Past Mistakes
Never Once Did I Believe in Fate
Until I Saw Her Face

She’s Like a Soft Pale Light
Holding My Attention Through a Starless Night
Like a Junkie She’s Only Thing That’s on My Mind

I’ve Seen How Cruel This World Can Be
Yet I Get Born Again When She’s Next to Me
I’ll Bleed I’ll Bleed to Be Everything She Needs
I’ll Bleed I’ll Bleed to Be Everything She Needs

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