Tennessee Fan Lyrics Morgan Wallen

Tennessee Fan Lyrics Morgan Wallen sung by Morgan Wallen represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Tennessee Fan by Morgan Wallen.

Tennessee Fan Lyrics Morgan Wallen

They beat us every d^^n year
It’s been a minute since we pulled out a win
I loaded the truck down with beer
Drove down to watch ’em do it again
And they did so we went to the bar right after
Met a girl with a houndstooth print of her chapter on her shirt
And it turned into talking all night
She came back with me across the Vol’ state line

Guess the jokes on Alabama
Cause they lost big this time
I got the number one pick blonde Hair red lips
Brought her over to the other side
A little Deep South delta gamma
Done found a smoky mountain man
Yeah she was raised roll tide till the day she die
But ever since that night she’s been a Tennessee Fan

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