Talking On Notti They Must Wanna Meet Him Lyrics

Talking On Notti They Must Wanna Meet Him Lyrics sung by DD Osama represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is BACK TO BACK by DD Osama.

Talking On Notti They Must Wanna Meet Him Lyrics

[Intro: Dudeylo & DD Osama]
Every opp shot (Grrah, n^^ga)
Everything f^^king dead, n^^ga
For real, n^^ga, s^^k my d^^k (Grrah-grrah)
It’s that DD Osama, n^^ga, 41K
(Is that Chris?) (Ah)

[Verse 1: DD Osama & Dudeylo]
Ayy yo, TG, s^^k my d^^k
Why you talkin’ on Notti? JB got hit (Rrah, rrah)
Fat n^^ga, he ran and tripped
Then Nazzy had died right after JayRip (Grrah, dummy)
Still 41K, b^^ch, I’m smokin’ on Lay and I’m smokin’ on Blay (D^^n)
If I catch me a 41, he goin’ away
AJ Wvttz is my cuzzy, don’t play
And 83 my devil, for him, I’ma slide (Slide)
Forever 14, ’til the day that I die (Die, grrah)
I’m only 15, wit’ a fume on my side (Grrah, grrah)
If they talkin’ on Notti, they all gotta die (Grrah, grrah)

[Verse 2: Dudeylo]
And I’m feelin’ real disrespectful, like, why they keep dissin’ my block? (Ah)
Franky, Keith, Matt, Lee, Rah (D^^n, d^^n)
Like, how many n^^gas got shot?
41, yeah, them boys some rookies
Caught Mr. Everything-Dead, he was p^^sy (P^^sy)
Now I’m out tryna throw on your what? (Grrah)
I don’t gotta put a mask on, all I need is my hoodie (Grrah, grrah)
Ayy yo, Sha Gz, s^^k my d^^k (What?)
You keep talkin’ on Notti, like, did you forget? (Grrah)
Ni-N^^ga ran on his mans and now he in a spliff (Lotti)
Rah, Dubs, Bеanz, hit, grrah

[Verse 3: DD Osama, Both]
Lee Roy, Gatti, dead in a ditch (On bro, they dead)
Wе gon’ visit his grave just to p^^s (Grrah)
Franky, C-HII, Matt, spliff (Like, what?)
S-So much deads I could write me a list (Like, grrah)
Like, so many dead in the Sev (Rrah)
Rippy got shot, he was holdin’ his chest
Nazzy, Blay, stuck on the floor (Nazzy)
40K, I’m gon’ smoke him some more (What?)

[Verse 4: Dudeylo]
A-AJ a d^^k, n^^ga died in the whip (D^^n)
On bro, I’ma spin through they strip (Grrah, grrah)
Why the f^^k would I hang out the whip? (Like, what?)
I’m on the Rey tryna catch me a Crip (He dead)
I know an opp that got shot in his lip (Like, what?)
Jay Six (Dead)

[Verse 5: DD Osama]
Off drink, pourin’ up at the liter
Dudeylo’s gon’ spin with a heater (Heater)
Shh got tagged, he was doin’ a seizure (Seizure)
If they talkin’ on Notti, they must wanna meet him (Meet him)
And we flockin’ for bro, yeah, y’all know
We gon’ clap if they send us the low

[Verse 6: Dudeylo]
48, yeah, he thought he was cool
Like, JayRip got put on the news
Free Move, he got locked up, like brodie, be home soon
Spin-Spinnin’ through blocks, tryna creep through they parkway (Like, what?)
He got popped wit’ his dawg on the concrete (Grrah)
Bu-Bullets attack him, they shoot up his artery (Grrah, grrah)
Throw shots at the—, make the car shake (Grrah)

[Verse 7: DD Osama & Dudeylo]
When I bend it, I bet I’ma buss it
I seen DD, turn nothin’ to somethin’ (Like, what?)
Dudeylo off the yerky, he bussin’ (On bro)
S^^t real, I’ma shoot ’em for Notti (Ah)
Late night, we gon’ creep
First one we see, he get put on a tee (Ah)
Daylight, I can see
First one I catch, I’ma put him to sleep (He’s dead)
And this s^^t really hurt, got “Forever 14” on my shirt (Baow, baow)
Bro, when I shoot him up, they gon’ feel it the worst
F^^k up a lil’ b^^ch, we gon’ finish the work, grrah (Everything for Notti)
Shot after shot, he need more than doctor (Like, what?)
Set Da Trend, n^^gas smokin’ your father
And my brodie don’t play, yeah, he on that (On that)
RG, lay him down like a doormat (Lay him down)
He tried to bend, bet these shots make him floormat
Hit a milli’ for Notti, I know that he saw that (On gang)
Like, I hop on the beat and go kuu
For Lil’ Notti, I’m boomin’ at you (Grrah, grrah)
Grrah, free Quan, yeah, he shakin’ the room (Grrah, b^^g)
Throw a shot, bust quick, and then move

[Outro: DD Osama & Dudeylo]
Grrah, grrah, grrah
S^^k my d^^k, n^^ga (S^^k my d^^k, n^^ga, every opp shot)
It’s that DD Osama, n^^ga, man (It’s that Dudeylo, n^^ga, you heard?)
Every opp shot (Grrah)
Every Flocka shot, n^^ga

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