Swagg Talk Lyrics – D4M $loan

Swagg Talk Lyrics sung by D4M $loan represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Swagg Talk by D4M $loan.

Swagg Talk Lyrics

B^^ch I’ma golfer ughh ahhhh I like to golf shìt whip the soft s^^t till it’s all stiff ugh ok now yu got dog s^^t whip it exauhst it ugh ahh flip it and toss it back to the basics wit haaa look now we all lit
She say she done wit da Kidd Ahhh(I)…can’t comprehend that ugh Ard if you done where ya friend at if she bad I’ll bend that if she not I’ll send (Not I’ll send that) Back to the streets (Back to the streets) wait who you looking for f^^k Is you looking for me looking for me…looking for me I’m never looking for peace

I’m Looking for beef Dodging the D Whipping the E Whipping A Key Flippin A key….. Ahh ahhh ahhh

I’m off the casa migos f^^king my new b^^ch to taz and skidoe ugh I need a thot a hoochie ugh I want ya box coochie but I ain’t gone l^^k it I’m boujie I do my thang I get groovy give da b^^ch shoulder like uzi
In a foreign doin burn outs ugh this this new lil b^^ch she a burn out f^^k first night she burnt out sike we a see how it turn out
Ughh rub me love hold me f^^k me s^^k me slowly (*2)
Touch it bring it babe it watch it turn it leave it stop format ugh her chew bop not average she s^^k d^^k then grab it
Touch it bring it babe it watch it turn it leave it stop format ugh her chew bop not average ugh her chew bop not average

Like Dam like do it like that stop baby just move right back right there real slow like that ouu okay you ina mood like that you ain even mean do it like that yu ain’t know that you can do it like that but yu did and yaaa …
Ouu stop it whipping the coke in the pocket she say she love me this b^^ch outta pocket ugh she tryna get in my pockets
That ain’t 200 hoe that’s a dime you can do alot wit that yu can go shop wit that go be a thot wit that ugh okay baby girl just chill that stop right there throw the pill back now I’m rock hard baby feel that now I’m rock hard baby feel that high off the henny and dusse tryna get it on wit my new bae and she tryna do what the crew say .. do the ooochie coochie oou ochhie coochie (*3)

Like dam where ya mood at baby I’m tryna f^^k and ya knew that baby stop don’t do that baby I’m tryna drill where my tool at baby

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