Sugar Lyrics Not3s – 3 Th3 Album (2021 Album)

Sugar Lyrics Not3s sung by Not3s from the album 3 Th3 represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Sugar by Not3s.

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Sugar Lyrics Not3s

Check, check, check, check

Something we lucky
We get chances to do it all properly
Whenever there’s f^^keries it’s ugly
Now the dog ain’t as cute as a puppy
Pull me in, show me signs that you’re hungry
For all I can give, and not only money
If you love to wine, pour up the potion and twist up your spine

Sweet like, sugar, sugar
All mine
Me like, honey, sticky
The light, all mine
Sugar, sugar, all mine
Be like, honey, sticky
The light, all mine
Been wanting this for a while but you know this know, you’rе mine
I see by your smile and your style that thеre’s sides to you that you hide
Can you handle it, tonight?
Will it hold you down, for life?
Will you be alright, with me, all mine?

Guess the dog was cuter as a puppy
Unruly, but nothing can stop three
Chop life cause I can’t let it chop me
Wanna see the W like Koffee

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