Spin Bout U Lyrics – 21 Savage & Drake

Spin Bout U Lyrics sung by 21 Savage & Drake from the album Her Loss represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Spin Bout U by 21 Savage & Drake.

Spin Bout U Lyrics

[Intro: 21 Savage]
You gotta mothaf^^kin’ feel this s^^t boy

[Verse 1: 21 Savage]
I got feelings for you
Hope you ain’t lovin the crew
How many bodies you got?
Pray it ain’t more than a few
Know that you dealt with some lames
When you was young in that school
He had to pop your cherry
But I got it wet like a pool
She got a new G-wag, she wanna [?] high like [?] and show it off
Got a new body, girl, show it off
This a Brazilian, I know it’s soft
Toned up and she got a six pack
Look like she used to play volleyball
American Express, you can have it all
Code to the safe, you can have it all
F^^k your main page, what’s your finsta
I wanna know the real you
You started dancin to pay your tuition, girl
I wanna know what you been through
You wanna boutique or you wanna sell hair
Just lemme know what you into
If you out in public and he want your number
Just tеll him “my n^^ga’ll spin you”

[Chorus: Drake]
The way you make me feel thеse days
Sun gettin’ dry for you, baby girl
Smoke a n^^ga top for you, baby girl
Burn somebody block for you
The way you make me feel these days
Comin’ out my body for you, baby girl
Wipe ’em like he snotty for you, baby girl
Comin’ out my body for you

[Verse 2: Drake]
D^^n, just turned on the news and seen that man who never got p^^sy in school are makin’ laws about what woman can do
I got to protect ya, I’m a made man, tied in, all the way, baby
So I got to respect ya
N^^gas put hands on you in the past, insecure because your body is pressure
Four words when I think about them is crusty, musty, dusty, rusty
Eight words when I think about us f^^k me, f^^k me, f^^k me, f^^k me, f^^k me
Disrespect and I smack ’em

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