Speed Lyrics Little Simz

Speed Lyrics Little Simz sung by Little Simz from the album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Speed by Little Simz.

Speed Lyrics Little Simz

[Verse 1]
N^^gas wanna put me in a box
N^^gas think they’re coming for my spot
I could buy your life with no excuses
If I had a penny for all the rappers that I influenced (Woo-woo)
I know what I bring, no, I ain’t stupid
You should try that s^^t on someone that isn’t bein’ their truest (True, true)
Figured I’d just leave you n^^gas to it
But watch how you step, promise you don’t wanna see me lose it (No, no)
N^^gas know I got this s^^t on lock
N^^gas think they’re comin’ for my spot
Don’t you know you’re dealing with a boss?
I make winnings out of any loss (Any loss)
I think I do just what I please
I’m already a legend, you should humble your speech (Yeah-yeah)
AGE 101 disturbing the peace
I think I’m Kanye West, I see the blood on the leaves (Yeah-yeah)
Motherf^^kers ain’t ready for my steez (Woo)
Motherf^^kers wanna tour in my speed
I’m running with ease, I am me (I am me)
Catch up if you please, I got ’em singin’

[Verse 2]
Influential as f^^k, I should ink in my skin
All this ink in my pen is what led me to win
Do my ting, then I duss, I don’t linger for fun
Oh, you wish you could come, wanna be my plus-one
Give a f^^k ’bout your style or the latest of trends
If you knew what it took just to get out the Ends
Wanna stay where I stay, know you’ll only surrend’
Still running with ease, marathon, not sprint, n^^ga
You could tell I’m really going at it
They know when I drop, it’s problematic
Keep it on the move, I’m never static
I go in the booth and show you magic
Got a hard drive full of classics
I keep that s^^t locked up in the attic
If I bring ’em out, it’s a wrap though
I’m not sure if these n^^gas can hack it

Still runnin’ with ease, marathon, not sprint
Don’t you know you’re dealin’ with a boss?
Don’t you know you’re dealin’ with a boss?

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