So My Uncle Wife Sister Got a Son Lyrics – Nthabie Matobako

So My Uncle Wife Sister Got a Son Lyrics sung by Nthabie Matobako represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is My Uncle Wife Sister Son by Nthabie Matobako.

So My Uncle Wife Sister Got a Son Lyrics

So My Uncle Wife Sister Got a Son
Real Fine N!gga D!ck Looked Like Weigh Ton
I Was Trying Not to Stare
But He Had Sweat Pants on

F^ck You Think I’m Looking at
Duh B!tch I’m Trying Bone
So I Went to Make Him a Plate
And I Served Him My Heavy Fixing
And Then After He Finished Eating
He Followed Me Out the Kitchen
Nd It Was a Good Thang
Nobody Noticed Us
Outside of the House I’m Tearing That Asz Up

Thought I Heard a Door Slam
But I Couldn’t Stop Reversed That Cowgirl
Make That Body Rock, Ya!
He Squeezing Me Real Tight
Like He Looking for Love
But This Was More Like
A Welcome to My Family Kinda F^ck

Got Back to the Norm
I Went Back Inside
Then All of My Girl Cousins Giving Me Side Eyes
B^tch Don’t Ask No Questions
Then I Won’t Tell No Lies
I Put Them Thighs in His Lap
Drive Through Pop Eyes

That N!gga Ain’t My Kid
He Ain’t My Blood
And Ain’t No Break Rules
That Was a Friendly F^ck
And They All Like Inaya
You Just Met That Dude
I’m Like B!tch It’s the Holidays
I’m Giving in a Mood

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