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Skywhywalker 3 Lyrics sung by Dabbackwood represents the Russian Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Skywhywalker 3 by Dabbackwood.

Skywhywalker 3 Lyrics

Dj wigga nigger

ДBnLaюcb Tak жecko R Haxoжycb Ha пpnдeлe
Дoлgaegы axyeлn cyka зHaeT чTo R B дeлe
R nLpok co шTыkaMn oHn Haxyn yлeTeлn
R зagpocnл Ho MeHR пoзBaлn gлR R cHoBa B дeлe

Skywhywalker 3 English Translation Lyrics


I’m moving so hard I’m on the verge
Fucking axes, the bitch knows I’m in business
I’m a player with bayonets, they flew away
I gave up but they called me, damn I’m back in business

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