Show Goes on Lyrics – Taylor Goyette

Show Goes on Lyrics sung by Taylor Goyette represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Show Goes on by Taylor Goyette.

Show Goes on Lyrics

Step Right Up Got Tickets on Sale
In Today’s Episode Trains Coming Off the Rails
Watch It All Burn From the Screen of Your Phone
But Don’t You Worry About It You’re Safe at Home

Every Talking Head Will Tell You Everything’s Fine
It’s the Blind Leading the Blind

Yeah It’s a Circus Out Here We’re Wobbling on a Wire
There’s a Lady With a Beard Clowns Juggling Fire
Elephants and Donkeys Got Us Jumping Through Hoops
Y’all Wish That I Was Lying but You Know That It’s the Truth

Get Your Popcorn Ready and Pour You Some Strong
If the World’s Still Spinning the S^^t Show Goes on

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