Sheluvme Lyrics – Tai Verdes

Sheluvme Lyrics sung by Tai Verdes represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Sheluvme by Tai Verdes.

Sheluvme Lyrics

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You and me are not the same
You call this girl
I’m in this girl’s diary
I’m in her diary bro

Uh, I feel like Romeo (why?)
‘Cause I know that she love me ‘cause she told me so (oh)
I feel like dancin’, I feel like do-si-do (woo)
Every night she ride me like a rodeo (ahh)
I said woo, guess God done blessed me a-choo
‘Cause you’re so s^^y like woo
Girl no one gets me like you-ou-ooh-oh

Aye, it’s a good day to be (day to be)
Anybody if your name is mе (name is me)
Shout it from the rooftop shamеlessly (shamelessly)
I love her and she luv me
Aye, it’s a good day to be (day to be)
I know I can’t play with me (play with me)

I Love Her and She Love Me

If You Not Real It Wouldn’t Surprise Me
When I Got You I Might’ve Caught Lightning
Right in the Palm of My Hand You God Me Godd^^nm
No Way That’s Random

I Could Never Lose You Uh
I Would Never Want to
You the Missing Piece
Only Thing I Need

Got Me Praying to Jesus
We Got the Telekinesis
I Hope the Neighbors Can See Us
F^ck!ng in So Many Places
I Cant Even Look in the Face
Of the Preachers

You Creative With This Sh!t
Making Up New Positions
You Got Magic in Them Hips
Don’t Let Them Tell You Different

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