She Got A Whiff And Thought It Was A Spell Lyrics

She Got A Whiff And Thought It Was A Spell Lyrics sung by Xavier Wulf represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Psycho Pass by Xavier Wulf.

She Got A Whiff And Thought It Was A Spell Lyrics

[Verse: Xavier Wulf]
I’m coming through the front, I ain’t worried ’bout sh^t
Trying to harm me I leave his a^s like a tip
I’mma tell you now, I’mma twist him like a hip
Then smoke a blunt by my motherf^^king self
I don’t give a f^^k ’bout none of you here
B^^ch, I only rap just to let you n^^gas hear

And when we do a show your fan base disappear
B^^ch, I ain’t lying I’ma keep it sincere
B^^ch, since when could you chill up over here?
B^^ch, hit the road like a motherf^^king deer
Get hit too, sh^t b^^ch might as well
I don’t even talk all a ho do is tell
I’m standing on a boat finna set the d^^^ sail
I burn incense because my brain likes the smell
She get a whiff and thought that it was a spell
I ain’t say, “Come,” but she at the hotel
F^^k a n^^ga mean? Me and my n^^gas don’t be f^^king with n^^gas
We give no f^^k ’bout none of you n^^gas

Or whoever with you
I pull up to my n^^ga then’ll spark
Blunts already rolled what the f^^k a n^^ga thought?
East Memphis streets still burning d^^^ hot
Police might as well live up on the d^^^ clock
That’s why I stay in the godd^^^ house
On the d^^^ couch while I eat take-out
Text T.A. when the weed run out
Call T-Bo when we finna swerve out
I be on the beach feeling like a bird now
Smoking on a ounce on the roof of the house
Master Roshi tried to kick a n^^ga out
‘Cuz I had a sack I ain’t tell his a^s about
B^^ch you f^^king know what the f^^k do we about
Hollow Squad Blunts don’t never fade out

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