Seventeen Lyrics – J Coyn Drive

Seventeen Lyrics sung by J Coyn Drive represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Seventeen by J Coyn Drive.

Seventeen Lyrics

I’m reminiscing on some better days, lot of things changed
Growin’ up, moving faster than ever, wish I could take a break
And I know I’m getting older, Lot of people switching up

Man they breaking all my trust and I’ve really had enough
Thank God that it’s over, I can finally move on
Turned the page another chapter starting, we just kicked it off
And I’m glad I got some real ones I’m surrounded with now
I just hope I can get back to where I was cause I’ve been feeling so out of it
But I just wanna feel free and do great things

Everyone around me yеah they just so draining
And I’m just sick and tired of evеryone’s complaining
But y’all don’t hear me
Step off of my plans, Feel like I’m the only one who knows em

Fighting all these battles feel like I’m the one who chose em
But I know I didn’t, that’s why I keep on moving forward
So much stress inside it’s just more than I can afford

I remember when, I remember when
We would never worry, wish it’d be that way again
Things are coming up, so I gotta move fast
But I can’t get too hung up on the past
I just wanna live my life

Free from all of this strife
So I’ma keep living my dream
And you ain’t gonna take that away from me

[Verse 2]
Peace out to what It was, I’m moving on to better things
This for every time when y’all tried to get the best of me
I’m seeing what’s ahead of me, I ain’t got time for nothing else
I’m just hating that I couldn’t see beyond the way I felt
My life moving forward and I really feel it now
This a wake up call, I can’t just sit and wait around

Cause I know the future bright, I’m putting action to my words
But I can’t get too comfortable cause I know there’s more to learn now
Yeah, you can see it In my eyes
This life ain’t been a ride man you’ve heard it all before now
I been really passionate about all of my dreams
But I gotta be careful with when I share It through a screen man
I just wanna live my life, not worrying bout anything
I just wanna go out, feelin’ good, feelin’ free

Chillin’ with my homies with my team, you know what I mean
But real talk, this is crazy to think about
I’m seventeen now, gotta get it, gotta go out
And see the things ahead me, go in with no doubt
Cause it’s good feel alright, I ain’t ever gonna bother
Staying in a place of hate, it’s just awful
And I’ll wake up tomorrow with the same state of mind
Cause this is my life to live, I’ma live with no regrets

This is my dream and I ain’t never gon forget
Staying to my roots, cause I’m knowing that I’m blessed
And I’ma keep on doing me, while I’m dodging all the bullets
Chillin with my team, living life to the fullest
And y’all can’t tell me nothing anymore, I know what’s in store
Coming up with all my closest friends is what I’m working toward

And I’ma do my own thing, staying in my own lane
You can hate all you want, think you real? but you not
It’s funny. Seeing people that I thought were close
Switching up so fast, It ain’t a joke man
I’ma leave it in the past, cause it doesn’t even matter

Cause I keep on going up, while they only sit and chatter
I’m just doing me and staying true to myself
Feeling better every day and more certain I won’t fail
But that ain’t all that matters, we just doing what we love
And I don’t even care if you feel like it ain’t enough
I’ma leave it at that, seventeen with a dream
And I ain’t never gonna cap, this is really me

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