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Screwface Capital Lyrics sung by Dave represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Screwface Capital by Dave.

Screwface Capital Lyrics

And I want you now with me
And I want you now with me
And I-

I made a link with the Russians
Six figure discussions, dinners in public
My linen all tailored
My outstanding payments swift like Taylor
And boy I owe ‘dem men a beatin’
But don’t watch what I’m makin’
Just know I put both of the P’s in opp
At the same time, I put the “pay” in paigon
Man wanna beef, don’t know what the stakes is
Broad daylight, do a bruh want a day shift?
Three scales got ’em livin’ on basic
My location changes quicker than gears on a brand new Porsche Cayman
I told RJ put down the line and he did
But he’s got another three like H’s
I gotta watch for the greed and the hatred
I’m sayin’ who’s on votes?
We hit up a bruh and see who’s on smoke when it’s that time
You can run that crap there and it’s cool but you can’t hear like a bad line
It’s been fifteen minutes since me and her freaked and I’m sayin’ “What you still in the house for?”
Girls say I’m rude but they won’t never leave, ’cause you know the jab right like southpaws
Outdoors, me and my niggas are all outlaws
I tell a man speak with respect
How you gonna say that we beef with your chest
Like Sergei didn’t G-lean on your set?
I do not have one neek as a friend
If it’s beef on the ends than it’s peaker for them
This ting’s comin’ like Pokemon GO
‘Cause I see man once, never seen him again
Man don’t really wanna walk to the shop
Or jump in the train ’cause the ends got tension
One eye on my opps, two eyes on my friends
‘Cause at least with my opps, man knows their intentions
I turned a loss to a lesson
I turned a curse to a gift and a blessing
Any girl that I’ve got an interest in
Face interesting, body impressive
I got ninety-nine out of a hundred marks in class on my English questions
I’d get the same if I did it again ’cause I still don’t know the definition of restin’
I’ve put blood in, I’ve put sweat in
I shed tears when my niggas got sentenced
I spent years with my niggas in Streatham
But you wouldn’t know that ’cause you don’t live this
What have you done for your siblings?
I made sure that the family’s sweet
So many days that I starved myself just to make sure that my whole family eats
The Merc is a beast and I’m blackin’ it out
One point nine on the plan for a house
I ain’t got a memory of when dad was around
Still a child when I turned man of the house
Tell me what you know about a bag full of bills
And your mum crying out, saying, “Son, I can’t take it”
And then staring in the mirror for an hour
With a tear in your eye like, “I gotta go make it”
Ever seen a good friend turn paigon?
A pretty girl glow down, turn basic?
Ever seen a bruh ‘nough man rated
Losing his mind ’cause of food that he’s takin’?
You’re either a lamb or you’re Hannibal
Good kid but I grew up ’round animals
No chick can’t tell me about attitude
I got a girl from the Screwface Capital

And I want
And I, and I
And I, and I, and I, and I
And I want, and I want
And I want
And I, and I
And I, and I, and I, and I
And I want, and I want
And I want
And I, and I
And I, and I, and I, and I
And I want, and I want
And I want
And I, and I
And I, and I, and I, and I
And I want, and I want

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