Riot Lyrics – Delovski & Tommy Tassev

Riot Lyrics sung by Delovski & Tommy Tassev represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Riot by Delovski & Tommy Tassev.

Riot Lyrics

Lately everybody’s talking at me
And maybe I should turn it off
Shelter I know that I’ve been waiting for some shelter
in my heart

I can’t control the words I been saying Filter me out my mind
is just playing Heart is running wild Got me talking like a child

Fire in my soul, I know I’m just faded Lifting me up, I know
I won’t take it Sparks are running wild Got me starting up a riot

Riot I’m bringing that fire Gunna go wild So I get higher
Got me starting up a riot Till we backfire Gunna run wild
so I’m always getting higher

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