Pop a Perc and I Black Out Lyrics – Lil Kapow

Pop a Perc and I Black Out Lyrics sung by Lil Kapow represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Blackout by Lil Kapow.

Pop a Perc and I Black Out Lyrics

So it’s either top or I’m out of here

Pop a Perc’ and I black out
F^^k it, I’m blowing her back out
WWE if she f^^kin’ with me
Put the p^^sy on SmackDown, gang, gang, gang, gang
And this not a trap house
I’m in a condo, you know I’m up now
I don’t know how to use a computer
But trust me, b^^ch, I bring the MAC out, gang, gang, gang, gang
I’m with an e-girl, this not an e-date
I pop these pills, fall asleep for like three days
Up all night on a motherf^^kin’ school day
Cheese on my head like I’m playin’ for Green Bay
I fell asleep on September first
Wake me up at the end of the month, no Green Day
Turn that blick sideways, let it rip like a f^^king Beyblade
I just got back from Paris, watch my money go up off a f^^kin’ exchange rate
I don’t claim gang, but I got two dicks on me every goddamn day, ayy, gang, gang
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang
That’s seven days a week, you p^^sy n^^gas weak
And I’m ’bout to feast, b^^ch give me brain like a geek
Freeze, police
B^^ch, I ain’t stopping for s^^t
You gon’ have to shoot me, on God
I got an Uzi, extended the clip
Now that s^^t is tall, Lil Uzi
Choke the s^^t out a b^^ch, look at her neck
Those are not hickeys, they bruises
Look at my bag, it’s Louis
I get more neck than a motherf^^kin’ crewneck, on God
My numbers went up, how he do that?
I’m on your block making noise like a jazz band, ba-na-na-na-na (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Paint my nails and b^^ch-smack the p^^s out a n^^ga
He thought I was soft, why? Whip Megatron
This b^^ch s^^k my d^^k when she heard what it cost, on God
Blicky and Becky at prom
She shake her a^^ on my motherf^^kin’ Glock
Um, pause, I got the sauce
Stand on my money, I look like The Rock, gang

Let me hear that s^^t one time

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