Perc 10 I Just Popped a Perc 10 Lyrics

Perc 10 I Just Popped a Perc 10 Lyrics sung by YN Jay represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Perc & S^^ by YN Jay.

Perc 10 I Just Popped a Perc 10 Lyrics

[Intro: YN Jay]
(Enrgy made this one)
Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling now
Ayy, ah, alright

[Verse 1: YN Jay]
I charge up in this b^^ch like I’m Krillin now
I hit every gift store, they say I’m stealin’ now
I ain’t dropped a song in two weeks, they think I’m chillin’ now
Thirty-three, I’m ridin’ ’round with Scottie, think I’m pimpin’ now
Hate when I drink lean too fast, I’ma sip it now
Could’ve spent all my rap money, I’ma flip it now
D^^n, I used to dream about this life, I live it now
Treat him like a page in a book, I’ma rip it out
If I shoot his for the game-winner, I can’t miss it now
Yeah, this lifestyle I gotta live, I ain’t pick it out
If a n^^ga pull up on my block, I’ma dish it out
D^^n, oh, oh, you talkin’ ’bout like an assist? Okay
Freak b^^ch give me good head, but it was all neck
Pin a college b^^ch on a locker, havin’ hall s^^, d^^n

[Verse 2: Louie Ray]
When you f^^k without a condom, is it called s^^?
I’m gettin’ lowdown and dirty, call it dog s^^
She say, “Baby, don’t you hurt me,” havin’ hard s^^
Half of my a^^ out the door, havin’ car s^^
You gotta s^^k my d^^k a little just to start s^^
Tryna f^^k her for a world record, this is chart s^^

[Interlude: Rio Da Yung OG]
Yeah, alright, alright

[Verse 3: Rio Da Yung OG]
F^^ked my stripper b^^ch at the playground, we havin’ park s^^
I’m only f^^kin’ her at 3 a.m., we had dark s^^
She just let me hit it on the porch, we in the car next
Make her fall in love, I’m hittin’ her organs, havin’ heart s^^
Me and baby off a yellow Xanny havin’ bar s^^
Tryna f^^k in a two-seater, this a Corvette
I don’t think she told me I could f^^k, we had forced s^^
I just hit a b^^ch off Section 8, we had poor s^^
Just hit a b^^ch in Joe’s studio, we had 4 s^^
You get it, like 4sho magazine?

[Verse 4: YN Jay]
Thunder, boom
I just hit her on a stormy night, it was fog s^^
Makin’ b^^ches squirt on FaceTime, it was call s^^
Hit her from the back, she tried to run, it was jog s^^
Hit a midget b^^ch like five foot, havin’ small s^^
Hit her in October, by the tree havin’ fall s^^

[Verse 5: Louie Ray]
I’m in Cali in the hills lookin’ ’round, I just saw S^^
I, I’m a very good teacher, could’ve taught s^^
My nose runnin’, think I caught s^^
I ain’t never tricked in my life, but I bought s^^
Okay, if her p^^sy wet, then I’m Offset
You know, Offset f^^k with Cardi B and she got the wet-a^^ p^^sy song
Alright, never mind

[Verse 6: Rio Da Yung OG]
Bro, let me see a towel, I think, hah, yeah
B^^ch, go get a towel, my balls wet
I don’t never call a b^^ch, I just call s^^
Okay, you got to f^^k her first, I’ma call next
I ain’t smoke no weed or drink no lean today, I’m high off s^^
A^^-n^^ed, off six Percs, that’s the best s^^
I hate when I get a b^^ch pregnant, make me regret s^^
I’m finna f^^k a white b^^ch, that’s my next s^^
I’m in the pool gettin’ it in, havin’ wet s^^
I don’t text hoes, “What you doin’?” I have s^^ texts
Alright, let me f^^k your t^^ties, that’s chest s^^
You gotta let me f^^k you right now, just met s^^
F^^k her with the radio loud, we havin’ deaf s^^
This b^^ch’ll really f^^k me in my casket, that’s death s^^
Silk robe on, no drawers, old-school s^^
F^^k the b^^ch while I make a song, Pro Tools s^^
Hit the b^^ch and I ain’t say nothin’, I’m havin’ rude—
[Outro: Rio Da Yung OG & YN Jay]
Hit the b^^ch when I ain’t say nothin’, we havin’ rude s^^
Like I didn’t speak
S^^t, is it called s^^?
Come on, alright, I just bust a ho down, who gon’ call next?
I know somebody eatin’ when I’m leavin’
I know what it is
Oh my God
D^^n, we, d^^n, she had the best p^^sy out, my drawers wet
(Nasty dirty dog, ready to call the vet)

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