Peaches and Eggplants Lyrics – 21 Savage

Peaches and Eggplants Lyrics sung by 21 Savage & Young Nudy represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Template by 21 Savage & Young Nudy.

Peaches and Eggplants Lyrics

They be locked in, they be locked in, they be locked in
I get behind your Honda and I be like locked in (COUPE)
What you doin’ slime?
D^^k in that p^^sy
Beat her back down
[?] we doin’
In your ho, in your ho
In your ho (Yeah) In your ho

S^^t out a freak, hit her from the back, [?]
Do the triple legs when I’m in a freak, now I got ho to her knee
Beat her back down, b^^ch, tried to skeet
Bit’ turn around, come s^^k the meat
Round for round, finna beat her til’ she sleep
Eat her p^^sy up, bon appétit
Take her back a day, like I’m on the Jeep
Slow it down, baby, ride me like a Z
Double cup, you gon’ ride me straight to sleep
2 hoe’s tryna f^^k me while I’m geeked
Blame it on the pill when she gettin’ beat
Goin’ ham on her when I give her D
Goin’ home, boy, I gotta keep it P
Gotta go home to [?]

She gonna bump it, bump and boom, she gonna make that b^^ty move
I’m in that bit’, got it ho in the [?]
[?] geeked, [?] to the moon
We on some s^^t that we not ‘posed to do
One of my bro ho’s came out the Ub’
I don’t know, but that ho with the Ub’, [?]
S^^t was leakin’, ooh, juice, s^^t was peachin’ just like the fruit
She say “Tha- that s^^t was fruit”, I say “Tha- that s^^t was goose”
I just beat that p^^sy loose, knock them walls down, all I do
Hit that ho like 1 or 2
3, 4, times that addin’, ooh

I do the hit-man position, and then I do like this (What you do slime?)
In your ho, in your ho, in your ho (Woah)

Okay, she fine (21) she s^^y, she cool (21)
She from East Atlanta, so she like to get loose (On God)
Casamigos, yeah, yeah, do some shrooms (21, 21)
But if you wanna come (21), give my brother some (Yeah)
Bend over, come ride me like yo rover
All these VVS’s, it get cold in Minnesota (21)
S^^k me up don’t use your teeth, lil’ b^^ch, I thought I told ya
She grabbin’ my bandada while I hit, ’cause I’m a soldier (21, 21)
Get freaky, she got a tattoo right by her bikini, that say “Eat me”
Top me in the Demon, while I hit the gas down Peachtree
Hit the club, throw a lot of money, baby, we doin’ that weekly
Shh, we gotta be sneaky

What you do slime?
In your ho, in your ho (Ugh)
In your ho, in your ho (Hold up)

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