Neymar Jr Song Parado No Bailão Lyrics

Neymar Jr Song Parado No Bailão Lyrics sung by MC L Da Vinte represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Parado No Bailão by MC L Da Vinte.

Neymar Jr Song Parado No Bailão Lyrics

Versions: 1

I really wanted her
But she wouldn’t give me any attention
I did everything
To keep my relationship with her
And nowdays we don’t talk

I’m determined and it’s not pointless
That I threw myself at Mandela

I stopped by the party, by the party
She was hitting her b^^ty at the floor
Her b^^ty at the floor, her b^^ty at the floor

Versions: 2

It’s because I wanted so much her
She wouldn’t give me attention
Made everything for her
To maintain a relation
And today we won’t even talk…

I’m decided and is not for nothing6
That I went to the Mandela[1]

I standing at the prom[2], at the prom
She with her a^^[3] in the floor
And the a^^ in the floor, and the a^^ in the floor

[1] Probably a nightclub.
[2] This is the flashy of the song. It is a old fashioned way to say a nightclub. I translated it as prom, as originally it is meant to something like that.
[3] Originally almost a childlike way to the women’s butt. It carries the idea of largeness.

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