New B Yeah She Bad As Hell Lyrics – Rihanna

New B Yeah She Bad As Hell Lyrics sung by Rihanna represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Triple S by Rihanna.

New B Yeah She Bad As Hell Lyrics

(Enrgy, made this one)
Oh, you said you want? -Alright
I can take you there
That’s all you gotta do is say that one time
Okay, yeah

New bi^^h, yeah she bad as hell, she got long hair
Pretty bi^^h, got a big bo^^y, yeah I gotta stare
Momma always told me I was different, I ain’t got no fears
I don’t eat the cat, that’s why I probably don’t got a beard
I can tell you ’bout my life story, you ain’t gotta care
bi^^h keep calling me out my name, you ain’t gotta swear
ni^^a tried to tell me bad advice, I had to close my ears
Uncle Willie sleep on the lawn, he just got a chair
D^^n, Unc wake up
I was sleep too long in my dream, I had to wake up
All my time I spent doin’ nothin’, gotta make up
I just left my bi^^h, aw man, that’s a breakup
Oh, you wanna see me pop off? Shake up
All I want is some Ramen Noodles, put the Steak up
Get to throwin’ money in the club, they gotta rake up
Seem like my best friend start hatin’ since I came up
ni^^a thought that I was done, thought I gave up
ni^^a tellin’ stories in his raps, it was made up
Could’ve dunked it for the game winner, but I laid up
bi^^h called me cheatin’, D^^n, I played dumb
bi^^h tried to send me her location, but I ain’t come
bi^^h gave me head but it was alright, no I ain’t cum
Why you hop your dumba^^ in the car if you can’t come?
Never seen me comin’, I was dressed as a fake bum
(Ssss) My shoes say Triple S
I been gettin’ money all night, I forget to stress
Told bro I was up now, I forget I’m next

[Louie Ray:]
(Okay, yeah)
I came through big body, ni^^a Triple X
I’m so used to doin’ shows, I forget to sweat
My inbox full, I got a lot of sh^t to check
They gon think you signed somethin’ when you got emeralds on your neck
Was movin’ wild, I settled down, the streets bring stress
Okay, they love the Coochie Scouts, the hoes showin’ off they b^^ast
Okay, I’m tryna get a check, see I ain’t got time to rest
I came Triple S big B’s
I ain’t tryna keep up, I’m doin’ my speed
I done run 100 up, times 3
She put the p^^sy in my face, tryna blind me
Told Jay “They wouldn’t have did it if they was in our position”
We can be bigger than ni^^as, I know when I’m c^^ky with it
I can take my chain off right now and play Hockey with it
Asked the labels how’d they feel about this sh^t, they say the rockin’ with it

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