Nameless Lyrics – Howie Stevie

Nameless Lyrics sung by Howie Stevie represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Nameless by Howie Stevie.

Nameless Lyrics

I’d Pray to God That You Would Choke
If I Had One
I’d Put a N**se Around Your Throat
If I Had One

Now I’d Put That This Bullet Through Your Skull
If I Had One
No I Don’t Have Proof but I Would Kill You
If I Had Some

I’d Go Right Back to When We Met
If I Only Could
Put Poison Thoughts Inside Your Head
F^^k You Up for Good

I’d Love to Torture You to Dead
And You Know I Would
To Make Sure the Cancer Doesn’t Spread

You Took Her Choice Away
Like She Was Your Prey
And I Bet She’s Not the Only One

If You Think It’s in the Past
And You’re Over That
I Would Only Ask
What Would Happen if I Said Your Name?

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