My Tacos Got Cold LaloGoneBrazzy Lyrics

My Tacos Got Cold LaloGoneBrazzy Lyrics sung by LaloGoneBrazzy represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is My Tacos Got Cold by LaloGoneBrazzy.

My Tacos Got Cold LaloGoneBrazzy Lyrics

I Met You at the Taco Stand
You Bought Me a Taco
But You Forgot My Fries
And Then I Had to Walk Home

So I Stopped and Caught the Bus
And Then I Was Chilling
What I Really Wanted a Burrito
But You Weren’t Really Caring

And Then I Went to Get Pepinos
I Ate Pepinos and I Ate With Salt
I Promise It Was So Good
And Then I Come Home and Lay on My Bed

I Went to Buy Some More
But Then When I Got Close I Realized
They Have Closed the Whole Store

I Was Mad Begging People
Can You Please Make Me a Taco
She Was Like We Already Put the Meat Away
I Was Like Come on Let Me Take Home

So I Went to Food City
I Bought Me a Pack of Carne
I Didn’t Forget the Tortillas
And Then I Cooked It in the Tarde

I Really Made It at Home
Cause They Didn’t Wanna Feed Me
And Then I Went Inside
Because I Forgot the Chilli

So I Got Me Some More Orchata
It Was Really Good but I Forgot the Ice
I Didn’t Put No Ice on My Drink

So Then I Noticed It Started Getting Warm
I Was Mad Like D^^n Its Getting Warm
It’s Too Hot to Not Have a Cold Drink

So I Just ….
Because My Tacos Got Cold
At the Time I Didn’t Have a Microwave
And I Didn’t Have a Home

I Was Like D^^n
So I Try to Cook Them in the Sun
But They Didn’t Really Work
And I Just Threw Them All Away

Can I Please Cook Them at Your Home
Nobody Wanted to Help Me Out
So I Didn’t Eat That Day
I Was Really Mad but Somebody Brought Me Tacos Late

And Then I Thank Them So Much
Cause I Haven’t Ate
They Were Like Are You Good My Son
You Can Come Stay at My Place

So I Was Like Hell Yeah Man
Thank You So Much
And Then Her Daughter Was 19 So I …
She Said Don’t Come Back , Aye
And She Said Don’t Come Back

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