Medusa Dusa TikTok Song Lyrics – Chief Keef

Medusa Dusa TikTok Song Lyrics sung by Chief Keef represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Tony Montana Flow by Chief Keef.

Medusa Dusa TikTok Song Lyrics

What up?
Where are you?
‘F^^k you at?
You sound ’bout it as f^^k
I’m ’bout to go home, I’m tryna, tryna go to you, can I?
I ain’t even at the house right now
So when are you gonna be at your house?
I don’t know, in a minute
Okay, I’m just going to go home, I guess

I just want the blue cheese and a thousand islands
B^^ch, you want me to punch you, b^^ch, you wildin’-wildin’
Might not wanna come over here, ’cause b^^ch it’s crowded crowded
Unless you Master P and b^^ch you ’bout it ’bout it
Shorty a^^ a squirter, that’s a talent talent
King size beds was a palette-palette
Even in kinder garden, I wasn’t tattletalin’
I ain’t generous, I’m not Ellen-Ellen
Life is sweet, n^^ga love watermelon
I got green and I’ll put it on yo’ melon
Bad^^s lil’ n^^ga on the corner sellin’
Young n^^ga hungry, got that mornin’ belly
N^^ga gettin’ money no matter what you selling
Tell ’em you a pit, get some dog repellent
Shorty got some time from an informant telling
Baby bro like, “Give it to me, n^^ga, I’ma sell it”
Baby bro gotta take it over and be smarter with it
And I’m smoking on that musty call me arm pit, man
I be lettin’ my chain and wrist talk to a bunch of b^^ches
You can get ya Gyro’d, n^^ga, no Tzatziki
At your head, no Medusa-dusa
You know I be with gorillas, n^^ga ucka-ucka
Even when I’m by myself, I’m a noodle knocker
Pulled up, s^^tin’ on ’em, n^^ga dooka-dooka
I know I ain’t gotta do it, but I’m a pistol toter
Just in case the opps see me and be like, “There go Sosa”
Got a warrant, the cops saw me, like, “Let’s go, Sosa”
What the f^^k you was just doin’ up in Mexico Sosa?
Shorty said, “When the last time you been in Chicago Sosa?”
She like “When the f^^k you gon’ stop smokin’ that Petrol Sosa?”
She like “You smokin’ gas but first was that red stuff Sosa”
She like “You ridin’ foreigns but first it was the metro Sosa”

You drunk? Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
I do
B^^g, huh

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