Lucky Lefty Lyrics Drake – Certified Lover Boy

Lucky Lefty Lyrics Drake sung by Drake from the album Certified Lover Boy represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Lucky Lefty by Drake.

Lucky Lefty Lyrics Drake

[Intro: Drake & Ronald Isley]
(Now you know how)
Now I gotta tell you how lucky I am
(Oh, now you know)
This [crap] could have went a hundred different ways on a thousand different days for real
Yeah, whoop, ayy

[Verse: Drake]
On my way to the boat like I ain’t just have on a coat when I landed
Owl branded
Perched at the edge of the branches
They don’t wanna talk mansions, mine look like a campus
And I’m all about my brothers like the ni^^as I’m samplin’
I’ll leave you red-shirted like the twins from Kansas
Really livin’ my dreams I used to have in my aunt’s crib
Might throw a Rockefeller chain on in the Hamptons
This [crap] sound like I’m parked in the alley by ransom
My uncle went bankrupt and he was the last hope
My faith started to dwindle ’cause that was the cash flow
My mom would never walk again, that’s what the doc said
So much medication, I was worried she’d drop dead
For real
And I was the good guy, my friends were the hotheads
Times when I thought I should of stuck with my old friends
I might’ve been at the end of my rope on both ends
The kids I went to high school with got trust funds
But we had more fun, trust
Textin’ my promoter, homie beggin’ for one plus
Girls wrote me off, didn’t think I’d become much
Dinner and a movie all for nothin’, that’s tough love
Meanwhile, rappers from other cities is cuttin’ up
We ain’t had the means to really make it, we comin’ up
But local ni^^as actin’ like we made it and runnin’ up
My heart beatin’ fast ’cause I needed to toughen up
We needed to huddle up
I felt like we was doin’ all we could but it wasn’t enough
Spent a year in Brampton with my girl, just cuddlin’ up
‘Til one of my ni^^as hit my phone like you want it or what?
And now, the sound is champion
The singles is dancin’, the pills is Ambiens
The lightin’ is ambient
The housewives is outside the booth ’cause they can’t be in
“Oh, you fancy, huh?”
Oh yeah, I’m the fanciest
They said summer was canceled but I got plans and [crap]
Where my advances is?
Ladies, it’s June, July, where all the Cancers is?
Show me your hands and [crap]
Even if you ain’t a Cancer, throw up your hands to this
‘Cause most of y’all cancerous
Michael B. Jordan call you right now, you answerin’
Even if you got a man that love you, you scandalous
You gon’ take the chance and [crap]
You know that relationship is probably in shambles
And you know you a fan of his
Know if he gon’ bring you to Miami, you scramblin’
And pack all your luggage, get on the plane and land in it
Yeah, I’m just talkin’ outta pocket now, I know y’all sick of me
I looked at the score and y’all can’t be countin’ the victories
It’s still all love between us, despite all the history
It’s still October forever, minus the trickery
Talk about a flip the switch challenge
It’s been challengin’ for ten years
‘Cause ni^^as been out here switchin’ on me
And showin’ how much realer that some of they [b^^ch]es can be
This shout goes out to Hov ’cause it’s him and then me
For real

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