Lord Protect Me From the Wicked Lyrics – Shaya Zamora

Lord Protect Me From the Wicked Lyrics sung by Shaya Zamora represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Pretty Little Devil by Shaya Zamora.

Lord Protect Me From the Wicked Lyrics

Pretty Little Devil
Liar Deceiver
False Prophet
Blood Wicked Ain’t No Preacher

The Devils All Around Ya
And He’s Purging
The Devils All Around Ya
Feel Him Lurking

Pretty Little Devil
Liar and Cheater
A Cold Hearted Blood
S^^king Little Leacher
Oh I Should of Knew
You’re No Good for Me

Our Blood
Bleed It All the Same Baby
I Already Know
Tell Me That You Love Me
Baby I Know That You Don’t
Lighting Up a Cigarette but
Baby I Don’t Even Smoke
Driving 90 Down the Highway
Just to See How Fast I Go

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