Look At Me Worship Me Lyrics Tiktok

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Look At Me Worship Me Lyrics Tiktok Song

There’s a river in these pants
There’s a river in these pants
There’s a river in these pants
There’s a river in my pants

Hall Monitor by day
Crossing guard by later in the day
OnlyFans by night
If I could find a man who’s willing to pay
I hate all kids, they’ve got a^s-like faces
I steal their lunches so they know their places
Oh f^^k! This cheese went bad in July
Now my bowels’ provoking
This pu^^y is dry, but this a^s is soaking
I don’t got a hall pa^s, but I’ll jump on a toilet anyhow
If you plan on eating this a^s, better plan on drinking it now

So grab a mop and a priest for this wet-a^s a^s
Toilet paper won’t do sh^t for my wеt-a^s a^s
You’ll need a lifeguard and a floatie for my wet-a^s a^s
If you can smеll, I’ll turn you queer with this wet-a^s a^s

You’re talking to mama now
My pu^^y earned me that title
It pops out more mistakes than a fifth-grade recital
I don’t care about your kids, bi^^h
I don’t care about mine
My pu^^y’s wrecked
And now it looks like it was written by R.L. Stine
But I keep this a^s wet when I’m scrubbing my kitchen
Because I use my a^s and hole when I’m scrubbing ‘n’ pinching
So if you see this a^s wet, you know mama’s got a clean kitchen
And if you try and dry me off
I’ll grab your a^shole and start stitching

I clean up all my problems with this wet-a^s a^s
Tell Noah to load his ark, ’cause mama’s got a wet-a^s a^s
Fed my baby Taco Bell, and- woo! Wet-a^s a^s
If you talk back, I’ma wash your mouth out with this wet-a^s a^s

Look at me, worship me, on your knees
Can’t you see my pan^^es are filled with big d^^k energy
I make money and I get d^^k too
Your husband’s d^^k was the last I screwed
We f^^ked for one minute but he came for five
Paramedics asked if he’s dead or alive
I have thirsty employees
They’re paid so much, they eat my a^s for free

If you wanna get on my good side then eat this a^s
If you wanna taste my good side, oh, then eat my a^s
If want a raise then-
bi^^h, you’re gonna get off your f^^king a^s
And earn it with hard work
And showing up on time, mo^^erf^^ker-
And then you’re gonna eat this a^s
As if you took a cla^s
On how to finish me fast
I don’t wanna be hearing no sa^s

Now grab a boat and say your prayers ’cause I got a wet-a^s a^s
Maybe I peed, maybe I didn’t, that’s my wet-a^s a^s
I’m not going into labor, that’s a wet-a^s a^s
And if your lips are chapped, just k^^s my wet-a^s a^s

There’s a river in these pants
There’s a river in these pants
There’s a river in these pants

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