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Last Song Lyrics sung by Toosii represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Last Song by Toosii.

Last Song Lyrics

Bossman, you went crazy on this one
They can’t sleep on Z after this one

Yeah, you could look in my eyes and see I’m hurtin’
Walked a thousand miles, with no purpose
Devil under my feet like “Head home”
Tell my fans “This might just be my last song”
I know that I’m dead wrong
But I know that you’ll love me when I’ll be gone
I’ve been battlin’ depression for a while now
Keep a smile on my face, know my fans be so d^^n proud
Tour in November, how I’m supposed to see the fans now?
Everybody look like I’m the man, how?
Shed a tear singin’, just thinkin’ ’bout when I signed
Nеver thought that a song would make me cry
Evеry time they ask, I’m doin’ fine
But inside I know I’m lyin’
Truthfully it been a lot that’s on my mind
Ain’t mean to put the fans inside my business
But d^^n it, I’m just not perfect
Why the f^^k I’m twenty-two and I’m still hurtin’?
Why the f^^k I feel so worthless?
Why you tell me you love me if you nervous?
Scared a n^^ga gon’ cheat, guess I deserve it
Wonder how you gon’ look inside that dress
Wonder how you gon’ look when somebody don’t have you stressed
I’m on the crunch of time right now parked onside of the E-way
Crazy I don’t feel free inside the freeway
Maybe I’ll take the train
Maybe it’ll be less pain
Maybe I’ll take the water to bring me back where I came
I’ll put this up on YouTube, scheduled for 10 PM
To my fans when you hear this hope we still friends

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