Kung Fu Panda Tiktok Song Lyrics

Kung Fu Panda Tiktok Song Lyrics sung by Young Yayo, Wes represents the Tiktok Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Kung Fu Panda.

Kung Fu Panda Tiktok Song Lyrics

Let’s Roll
Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda
All this ice up on me, feel like Sejuani (Sejuani)
Your ho said she want me but she actin’ funny (She actin’ funny)
Lil’ b^tch back up from me, you ain’t got no money (You ain’t got no money)
Came with a scammer, N^ggas actin’ scummy(N^ggas actin’ scummy)
Up the chopper for a second, watch how lil’ bro started runnin’ off(Let’s go)
Heard your music for a second, sh^t was trash we had to turn it off
Little n^gga takin Xans and takin’ percs but he don’t smoke at all
How the f^ck you think your plans is gonna work if you don’t work at all?
(Work at all)
B^tch don’t got no bo^^y still gon’ shake sum’
She been acting moody, got no patience
Gotta extra shooter his name Keshaun
B^tch I’m high on bo^^y like Jamaican, yeah
Ay, n^gga I’m insane
Bullets flying at you faster than Usain
Sloppy n^gga, I’m like Joе without the blade
Keep on talking sh^t lil’ n^gga you gon’ get spadе
Choppa have you in your feelings like you Drake
I need a [?], cause lord she got that cake
Call me Jason, In that pu^^y like a lake
Big bo^^y did have me liftin’ [?]
Had a feelin’ like I don’t know where my cream
She wasn’t speaking English like she Mr. Bean
I just smoked a breakfast blunt with Jimmy Dean
Had her bouncing on my d^ck like she a flea

Kung Fu Panda
N^igga stay sippin’ on that Fanta
Sugar momma’ got gifts for me like she Santa
Cuttin’ up in that foreign in Atlanta

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