Knife on a Stick Tryna Get Jiggy Lyrics – Baby Kia

Knife on a Stick Tryna Get Jiggy Lyrics sung by Baby Kia ft. Lil Slixk & Lil Reaper represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Get Jiggy by Baby Kia.

Knife on a Stick Tryna Get Jiggy Lyrics

[Verse 1: Baby Kia]
Knife on the stick, tryna get jiggy
They had found that boy alive, all of his body parts was missin’ (Grrrrr)
It’s time to spin, let’s go get busy
B^^ch I’m hangin’ out the trunk, E-Brake and BK come through creepin’ (Grrrrr)
What the f^^k is 76?
Pull up hangin’ out the sunroof
Set the course, I send a blitz
You said the words just know we comin’
E-Brake buddy U-turned BK out the window, draco thumpin’
Huh? What? Big Glock for that a^^ take his feet
All of my brothers throwin’ twos, hundred flashin’ the rifle
N^^ga know we bangin’ for peace
Clique up in the county, push up to the burb
Posted at 5:32, n^^ga come through the back
One way and get left on the curb

[Verse 1: Lil Slixk]
They done got mе in that mode
N^^gas speakin’ on Lil’ Cal, they lеft 4 feet all on that floor
Yeah we been caught up with Ju5, catch L5 and take his soul
Drabo dissin’ BK name, I bet he can’t post at that store
YC video pop out, we finna shoot up Texaco
76 dual .57, break the glass up off the door
Oh I heard they slid on gang, it’s get back gang shot five by bro
Oh I heard my opps got switches when I see them never blow
Just got the drop up on the opps, we put C4 up on his door
Heard BK back inside the party, ho’ shakin’ a^^ he finna blow
Smack a opp ho’ from the back, that p^^sy trash she gotta go
Got a fat boy in my blunt, I’m smokin’ Mark I know they blow

[Verse 2: Lil Reaper & Baby Kia]
Blaow, hawk that p^^sy boy think that s^^t funny
When we kill a Li car, we do him bad
Might strip his ahh, might take his money (Boy gimme that s^^t)
Bow, huh I ain’t never run, boy that s^^t cap
This some 24, swear that draco don’t give a f^^k about the rap
Odee geeked up off that Mark that fatass b^^ch come round the lap
Catch him walkin’ out the barber, draco put him on his back
Big boy died inside his sleep, he tried to run off with them racks
BK doggin’ in the SRT, B trail this whip, yo a^^ get clapped
BK get em’ right

[Outro: Baby Kia]
Heard BK doggin’ the SRT
Told E-Brake f^^k all of that, boy stop for a fact that’s CEP
Glah glah, come here
Yeah, Glock 28 with a button
Me and lil’ E-Brake we posted on MLK in the trap, shoot a n^^ga for fun

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