Im Gonna Show You How Great I Am TikTok Song Lyrics

Im Gonna Show You How Great I Am TikTok Song Lyrics sung by Jay Anfernee represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is I’m Gonna Show You How Great I Am by Jay Anfernee.

Im Gonna Show You How Great I Am TikTok Song Lyrics

It is befitting that I leave the game
Just like I came in: beating a big bad
Monster who knocks out everybody
And no one can whup him
I have wrestled with an alligator!
I done tussled with a whale!
I done handcuffed lightning

thrown thunder in jail!
I’m experienced now. Professional
(Huh, Junior Anfernee…)
I’ma show you how great I am!
(M!ke Anthony.)
I’ma show you how great I am!

Some wish to dance with stars
And some dance on strings.
Only way I learned to do it was
Watching Muhammad. Pale face
To the moon afraid to dance with the Devil.

I face the clouds knowing
I can hot-box with prophets. Me
Cain, I got two demons on my shoulders.
I’m the sun of eve, the dark is taking over.
No blood, ink or water,
not your everyday Picasso

my circle is getting smaller.
I’m tearing this canvas, don’t even bother
Lesson learned, I’m your favorite professor.
Hard to protect ya neck when
They’re on their worst behavior.
The march of the ungrateful

I know what you’re thinking: my days are past.
You won’t be set straight by an ex-savior
The sheep with a wolfish nature.
I am the Alpha, the fresh leader
Already rejected by the pack.
Brace for impact while
I rap and denature for strangers.
It’s hard to wager the ways I may crack

Last week, I murdered a rock…
Injured a stone…
Hospitalized a brick…
I’m so mean, I make medicine sick
I’ma show you how great I am! (Bad…that’s bad.)
I’ma show you how great I am! (…That’s bad.)

I hang with distilled spirits to hang “gods”. They move odd mobs. Holds death on each fingertips. Your heart throbs
A bigger bit of your blood in your spit. Your fears should be being peer pressured to play musical chairs
With Hercules strength, you could hold up one globe. On Montana’s own, two females try to carry. I alone grip the two worlds between my legs, making a change for the child I lead through the cherry
I swing lines with hard punches. Dirty my name, I’ll leave you with Jigga lips like you stung by the queen bee
Long live the king, may you catch your full rest while I’m sweeping all your knocked out teeth under the carpet
Your pillow. Your royalty’s a tale like the Fairy. You’d rub and s^^k my lamp to make me your f^^king genie?
1-2-3, think. I’ll beat you with a chandelier. Knock your a^^ out that fake throne straight to Princess Margaret

Got everybody scared!
Scared of what?
Nothing to be scared of…
Scared of what…
…That’s bad

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