I’ll be Waiting Lyrics – Cian Ducrot

I’ll be Waiting Lyrics sung by Cian Ducrot represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is I’ll be Waiting by Cian Ducrot.

I’ll be Waiting Lyrics

Leave Your Keys if You’re Not Coming Home
You Packed Your Bags Full of Letting Go
You Were Moving in and Now You’re Moving on
There’s No Getting Use to You Being Gone

You Were Down Now You’re Giving Up
Just a False Start if You’re Quitting on Us
Another Year Just Another Lie
I Wish You’d Call So I Could Say Goodbye

And Let You Know I’ll Wait for You Every Night

If You Ever Wanna Fall in Love
If You Ever Wanna Bet on Us
If You Ever Wanna Be My One
I’ll Be Waiting

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