How You Smoking My Dead And I Dont Got No Dead Lyrics

How You Smoking My Dead And I Dont Got No Dead Lyrics sung by Tata, Dee Billz & Jenn Carter represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is See Red.

How You Smoking My Dead And I Dont Got No Dead Lyrics

[Intro: Tata, Dee Billz & Jenn Carter]
Glah, glah (Glah, glah)
Everythin’ dead (B^^ch, everythin’ dead)
4-1 shots to the head, b^^ch (Glah, glah)
(24 is the GOAT)
On bro, boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom
Glah, glah (Everythin’ dead)
It’s Carter, dickhead

[Verse 1: Tata]
How you dissin’? Like four of yo’ homies is dead (The f^^k?)
I send one of my n^^gas, kill all of y’all n^^gas
I see a opp then I see red (Glah, glah, glah)
With this pencil, fill ’em up with lead
Bend through the opps, i’m tryna catch em rec’
How you smokin’ my dead and I don’t got no dead
They know my bop, Mr. Everything Dead
She wanna come over, I left her on read (What the f^^k?)
N^^gas p^^sy
I’m a veteran, n^^gas is rookiеs
Big knocker, you can’t book me
Walk in the party and I got ‘еm lookin’
Nig-n^^gas be runnin’ they mouth on the media
I run into n^^gas, yeah, it’s lit
B^^ches be gettin’ ahead of they self
I don’t care if you pretty, s^^k my d^^k, glah
I’m wit’ Latto rollin’ up Gelato
N^^gas p^^sy and opp n^^gas follow
They know it’s forty-one ways to get paid
I got a baddie, she look like Mulatto
Wit’ the legs drinkin’ Henny, no chaser
B^^ch is dumb if she think i’ma chase her
Don’t wanna f^^k on bro I won’t make her
Put the beam to his face if he play with my paper
Ayo, Preme, boom that n^^ga (Yeah)
Uppin’ the what? Remove that n^^ga
I’m not into politicin’ on the media (Brrt)
Ain’t no talkin’, boom that n^^ga

[Verse 2: Jenn Carter]
I be geekin’, I’m totin’ a what?
Shorty a thottie, she don’t give a f^^k (Like)
She be tweakin’, she shakin’ her butt (Glah-glah, boom)
And that boy is a cheetah, the way that he run
He-he dumb, he a pot
B^^ch on my body, she totin’ my gun
You run, don’t stop
You feelin’ hot, you get sent to the sun
He tried to diss and we made ’em delete it
41 and we still undefeated (Glah-glah, boom)
Get on the scene, make it hotter than phoenix (Glah-glah-glah)
Michael Jackson, she want me to beat it
She a baddie and shorty conceited
I told her I love her but, I do not mean it (Glah-glah, boom)
I be geekin’, I only see red
She like, “Jenny you know that i’m fiendin”
You know i’ma keep me a tool
It stay right by my side, call me Nicki Minaj, d^^n (Like, d^^n)
Think he tough now he in a garage (Glah-glah)
Rollin’ up while she give a massage (Glah-glah, boom)
I’m too active, I turn up the spot (Gang, gang, gang)
He think he tough, he got shot on the block
Please don’t try to be somethin’ you not
I’m like a chef and i’m stirrin’ the pot
He think he a demon, we showin’ no sympathy
Like d^^n, bullets is slippery
I told n^^gas to get out the way (Glah-glah)
You and yo’ homie get shot in the face (Glah-glah, boom)
I’m a demon, you cannot get rid of me
Shorty is tweakin’, the knock on her waist
If you not 41, better stay in your place
Like call me Tay-K, I’m runnin’ a race

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