How the F^^k You Nineteen but Got Four Babies Lyrics

How the F^^k You Nineteen but Got Four Babies Lyrics sung by YN Jay ft. Babbyface Ray represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Coochie Island by YN Jay ft. Babbyface Ray.

How the F^^k You Nineteen but Got Four Babies Lyrics

[intro: Yn Jay]
(F^^k the Fire, We Got Grease)
(It’s a Wayne Beat)
I Mean Like
Free Big Meech, You Know What I’m Sayin’? (Ooh, It’s Bluestrip, Baby)
Real Street N^^ga, Dog
My N^^ga Really Changed the World, You Know What I Mean?
And It’s, Y’all Know What Time It is?

[verse 1: Yn Jay]
Bmf Wintertime, Black Fur Coat
Bad B^^ch in the Club, Let Me F^^k First
I Can Tell by Your Wrist You Don’t Cut Work
I Be Sellin’ Straight Drop, You the Type of N^^ga Cut Work
Bro Just Quit His Job, He Said F^^k Work
Fiend Called Me on the First, Got Me Up First
Early Bird Get the Worm, I Get Up First
How You Make It to the Top, Stack It Up First
You Gotta Stack That Lil’ S^^t ’til It Add Up to a Lot of S^^t
B^^ch Keep Callin’ While I’m Out Tryna Catch Plays, I’m Finna Block This B^^ch
Diamonds Hittin’ Hard, on My Rocky S^^t
Traphouse on Balboa, on My Rocky S^^t
All Them Boogers in Your Watch, You Got a Snotty Wrist
You Ain’t Know Your B^^ch F^^ked Еverybody in the City? You Got a Thotty B^^ch
Tryna Build an Empirе, on My Ghazi S^^t
Gangland Talkin’ ’bout It, on My Mozzy S^^t
I’m Just Tryna Get Rich With My Brother Like Big Meech and Terry Did
I’ll Make My Son Beat Your A^^, You Got Scary Kids
I Ain’t Got No Babies ’cause I’m Scared of Kids
Like I’m Scared to Have ’em, You Feel Me?
I Ain’t Tryna Have No Kids ’cause This World Crazy
No, I Ain’t No Stepdad, but That’s My Girl Baby
Hate Drinkin’ Promethazine, ’cause This S^^t Make Me More Crazy
How the F^^k You Nineteen, but Got Four Babies? D^^n
That S^^t Too Crazy
I Don’t Like to F^^k Your Main B^^ch ’cause She Too Crazy
Seven and a Half Pounds Strapped in the Carseat Like a New Baby
Feel Me, I’m Just Tryna Figure Out, Like, How You N^^gas—
Like, Like, They Just Wanna Know, Like, How, How, How We Doin’ This?
[verse 2: Babyface Ray]
Free My N^^ga Baldhead, He Like Meech to Me (Yeah)
Told N^^gas Keep It Street and I’ll Keep the Peace (N^^gas Crazy)
I Can’t Even Touch the Pop, It Ain’t Easter Pink (Mmm-mmm)
Certified Ghetto Boy, Ask Peezy P (Ask My N^^ga)
Trendsetter, Wave Runner, Yeezy Sneaks (Go)
N^^gas Lookin’ Sweet to Me
Break the Blender Out
Dior Bubble With the Weaves to Match
Boy, It’s Wintertime, B^^ches in a Line
Chrome Heart, Leather Crosses on It, You a Sinner, Huh? (Oh Yeah)
Pua Had You N^^gas Flexin’, but You Finished Now (Finished)
Get Another Pop
Lil’ Pink Pill, Takin’ Off, Headed to the Top
Rap Gang Cakewalk, We Was Standin’ on the Block (for Real)
Heard You Got Opps, but You F^^ked Up (Broke as F^^k)
Diamonds in the Watch, Bezel Chunked Up
You Ain’t Gettin’ Money, N^^ga, Shut the F^^k Up (Shh)
Man, It’s Hard to Leave a N^^ga Cut Up One on One
Do You Really Wanna Go to Coochie Island?
Molly and Patrón Got the Groupies Wildin’ (Trippin’)
Throw the Bag Down for a Thousand Dollars (Come on)
Rose Gold Presi’ Look Like Thousand Island (Yeah)
How I’m Fresh as Hell, I Ain’t Got a Stylist
Really Lit Just Like a Rapper Off That Miley Cyrus
If You Ain’t First, Then You N^^gas Last
Mansion and a Coupe Like I’m Ricky Bobby, N^^ga

[outro: Babyface Ray]
You Know What I’m Sayin’, Man?
Lil’-a^^ N^^ga, You Thought
Get Your Motherf^^kin’ Weight Up
Not Your Hate Up, N^^ga
Gettin’ to This S^^t, Gettin’ Through This S^^t, Know What I’m Sayin’?

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