Hoes Up Hoes Down All You Gotta Do Is Smile Lyrics

Hoes Up Hoes Down All You Gotta Do Is Smile Lyrics sung by Omarion Ft. Dej Loaf, Trey Songz, Ty Dolla $ign & Rick Ross represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Post To Be (Remix).

Hoes Up Hoes Down All You Gotta Do Is Smile Lyrics

[Intro: Omarion]
Omarion, and yo chick, yo chick
(Mustard on the beat, ho) Remix!
Pull up to the club and it go up
Make your girl fall in love when I show up
It’s not my fault she want to know me
She told me you was just a homie
Hol up, hol up, hol up, hol up, I said this is the remix
Let’s go!

[Verse 1: Dej Loaf]
If yo n___a come close to me
I’ma make him eat this p___y appropriately
Like hmm, cheerios la la
Put that Foxy Brown in his face il na na
F__k the rumors got the hoes with me
I’m a pimp by blood, it ain’t no coaching me
Who? Yeah they know its me
He a rapper but I make that n___a sing to me
Like oh I’m here, this is my year
I ain’t going back my old life is done
Boss her name, I call myself
Type of p___y n___a talking out her tongue
Yeah, yeah, that’s how it goes with me
I just got a check up and ain’t no ho with me
VIP bottles over D
On the couch got ’em all throwin fours with me
Ho’s up, ho’s down, all I gotta do is smile
You ain’t want me back then, but I bet you want me now
Body going crazy, he want me to have his child
F__kng with them hoes, yeah I heard you getting around
Whisper him in the ear, tell him “I want it now”
He said “stop talking all that freaky shit, ain’t tryna get aroused”
That’s how it’s post to be, yeah
That’s how it’s post to be, yeah

[Hook: Omarion]
If your chick come close to me
She ain’t going home when she post to be
I’m getting money like I’m post to be
I’m getting money like I’m post to be
Ooh all my n___as close to me
And all them other n___as where they post to be
Ooh the hoes go for me
Have your chick send a pic like pose for me
Ooh, that’s how it post to be
Ooh, that’s how it post to be
Ooh, that’s how it post to be
Everything good like it post to be

[Verse 2: Trey Songz]
They about to take your phone, just see
I don’t need no hoes exposin’ me
Ain’t another n___a cold as me
Ain’t another n___a cold as me (cold as me)
And I’m living like a movie, pretty women in the jacuzzi
The way she kissing on her friend, do she even like men?
My n___a she could have fooled me
I be tryna chill, stay tight
But they all want some, can you blame ’em?
Want their walls decorated, rearranged
Cause a n___a handsome, wealthy, famous
Who gives a F__k what they say, he say, she say
Hey Trey, ain’t ya hear Jhené say
(But he gotta eat the booty like groceries)
You know how wild I be
Had that p___y like “Clean up on aisle 3”
Had that p___y like, slow down, whoa now, please
Every time I go down, go down like sheesh
(I make em do it!)
They know my name, I ain’t even gotta say it
Put it to rest every time a n___a lay
Ain’t another n___a cold as me
Butt, butt, butt naked is what you’re post to be

[Verse 3: Ty Dolla $ign]
AMG kit on the Benz
You got home girls, I got friends
Y’all should have come to the house
Get all topless then let’s go swimming
I just made a million like it’s post to be
That’s just the beginning like it’s post to be
Pocket rockets stay real close to me
And a new b___h stay close to me
Oh, she a ho to me
We don’t love hoes, how it’s post to be
Ooh she did some blow off me
Told her I don’t F__k around, I just blow the tree

[Hook: Omarion]

[Verse 4: Rick Ross]
Dead or alive, sayin’ boss top 5
Let my top down just to throw the rock sign
Not Jigga Jay Dilla in the far side
I’m the realest, disagreeing with a glocc now
But F__kn’ with us, so he had to get the Benz truck
Cutting corners, lil n___a F__k your rims up
She can’t freak with me, she say she rock with Wale
Double M we throw them alley oops, that’s all day
West side, it’s going down at the Polo Lounge
Half pound for my rounds just to go around
Copy paste, tweez n___as even ’bout that slang
Black bottle in the sky, free Gucci Mane

[Hook: Omarion]

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