Had To Stop Writing You Back Too Young For An Attachment Lyrics

Had To Stop Writing You Back Too Young For An Attachment Lyrics sung by A Boogie wit da Hoodie & Don Q represents the English Music Ensemble. The name of the song is Floyd Mayweather.

Had To Stop Writing You Back Too Young For An Attachment Lyrics

[Verse 1: A Boogie wit da Hoodie]
Had to stop writing you back
Too young for a f^^king attachment
I’m like a biker with swag
Zippers on my jacket like I’m Michael Jackson
If you put a knife in my back, yeah, I promise this gon’ be the f^^king last one
I make a hit every track
Everyone I make I say that I got one
Putting the X on the map
You miss your ex and you stay tryna find her
I put the D in her back made a track about it gave it to drama
The face in my Rollie is black
I’ma flood it up whenever the time come
Most of my hoodies are black
I was trapping before I was a rapper
I got off my a^^ and I ran it up
Last summer my stash was a hundred bucks
Now under the mattress got hundreds tuck
N^^gas need classes to study us
I tell her don’t front and she back it up
These hundreds is lifting my mattress up
You wifing a thot and she acting up
You n^^gas be f^^king the package up
My jeans are Amiri I swag it up
I got the collection I’m adding up
Flooded the bridge out in Avianne I want you to see where I’m coming from
I want you to see it ain’t no one on one
I want you to know I don’t give a f^^k
I picked up your b^^ch in a drop top I want you to see her when I pull up

[Verse 2: Don Q]
Lil’ b^^ch
Come and s^^k a n^^ga d^^k, lil’ b^^ch
My groupie love went sky rocket
Extra condoms in my side pocket
She came to the show with her man
She left with the gang while he was outside watching
I put that ho in a Lamb, I’m cutting through lanes, she calling me psychotic
I put a four in a can, I’m tryna stay up off the drink so I drive nodded
I pull up my jacket, it’s Rick Owen
My neck freezing and my wrist snowing
You n^^gas look like l^^k though
Wassup with that p^^sy, ya b^^ch gon’ owe me
They know I’m important I don’t got to holla I tell my assistant to pick for me
They calling me Jordan my jeweler just make me some rings
I left with like 6 on me
I hear the lies and the rumors, when are you guys gonna do it?
Reach for this watch boy you stupid
Please do not die over music
Hundreds and thousands they come by the hour
We pumped out the housing you wasn’t allowed in
Need a rollie just to flood it with diamonds
Need a foreign that gon come with no milage
I got that bag and I ran through it
Come to the field b^^ch I’m Cam Newton
I bought a chopper that b^^ch got a stand to it
I jump out the van shooting
They throwing on that don and they ran up them bands to it
I still got them grams moving
20 on diamonds they dance when the hand moving
They told me I can’t do it

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